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Lavender 8oz Yoga Mat Cleansing Water

559.00 TL

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Manduka Yoga Mat & Refresh Lavender Yoga Mat Cleansing Water has 100% natural ingredients. The product has been developed to clean the surface of the mat from dirt and stains and to make it smell nice.

Manduka Yoga Mat Solution , formulated with double action to make the yoga mat smell good without sacrificing its performance, gives a pleasant and long-lasting scent of freshness. The natural ingredients in its content prevent the mat from smelling bad.

The renewed spray cap allows the product to reach more areas with less effort.

Suitable for all types of yoga mats. By using this product, which cleans the mat in one step, before or after each practice, you can ensure that the surface of the mat stays away from dirt and smells good.

  • Cleans and refreshes mat naturally in one step
  • Its ingredients are 100% natural
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • It is pet friendly
  • It is fragrant
  • Contains naturally soluble content
  • The packaging of the product is made of recyclable HDPE material.
  • Suitable for cleaning all Manduka yoga mat series
  • Size: 8fl oz (227ml)
  • Fragrance: Lavender
  • It originates from America
  • 100% Original, imported product

Use & Care

For Daily Freshness: Spray the product on the entire surface of the mat, wipe the mat with a clean cloth and let it dry.

For Deep Daily Cleaning: Spray until mat surface is completely wet. Leave the product on the mat's surface for 1-2 minutes and gently rub the stained areas clean. Don't forget to fold the mat after you let it dry.

For More Thorough Cleaning: You can use Manduka's Botanical Cleaner range.


Ingredients: Purified water, organic lavender oil, bio-based deodorizer (PEG free)

Fragrances are made with 100% natural aromatic raw materials in accordance with ISO 9235:2013 standards.

Manduka Yoga Mat & Refresh Lavender solution is biodegradable. All its components are destroyed in nature over time. The packaging of the product is made of recyclable HDPE material.

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