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High Support Sports Bra Models

Sports bras are the most important products among the clothing items used by women while doing sports. Using a sports bra suitable for the level of the sport is necessary for the health of the breasts.

Uncontrolled movement of the breasts during high-intensity activities should be avoided. You can't do this using your everyday bras. Breasts do not have the ability to stretch. For this reason, deformities and sagging may occur if they move freely with the body during sports. Using a good high-support sports bra that hugs and fixes the breasts during heavy-paced exercises prevents such risks.

Sports bras also absorb sweat quickly and remove it from the skin, thanks to their special fabric structure. In this way, they make your exercise experience more comfortable. Bras that are not suitable for sports activities, on the other hand, negatively affect your performance.

High Support Sports Bra Designs

Breast and body structures of women are different from each other. For this reason, sports bras are designed in different ways. Regardless of your size, you can definitely find a sports bra that suits you. Just like sportswear, you just need to know what will suit your body shape.

Sports bras have different strap thicknesses. Collar shapes also vary. There are models with cross-back straps. In addition to thick, single-band designs, you can also come across back details combined with thin strips. Thick band products are more suitable for large breasts as they hug the body better.

Some models are designed to open from the front, some have adjustable back hooks at the back. Models other than these are put on and taken off without an on-off system; They are comfortable to put on and take off as they are elastic.

You can choose high-support sports bras in colors that you can combine with your sports tights . These functional garments are now produced in very original designs and in different colours. Sports bras, which used to have very simple lines in a few colors, have the elegance to be used as a bustier today. It is possible to see some models in the collections of world-famous brands in night combinations in promotional images.

Sports Bra Support Levels

If you are a regular sports person and are interested in exercises of different intensities, you should have sports bras that are compatible with them. Three levels of support are available for three different intensity workouts. These levels are:

Lightly Supported: Suitable for low-intensity exercises such as yoga, jogging, pilates.

Moderate Support: Ideal for moderate cardio workouts, brisk walking.

High Support: You can use it for heavy-paced training such as running, high-intensity interval training, HIIT exercises.

Can High Support Sports Bras Be Used Anytime of the Day?

You may feel a lot of pressure on your chest when you use these products designed for intense activities during the day. Because these clothes have a high pressure level to protect your breasts while doing sports. For this reason, you can choose your light support sports bra instead of your high-support sports bra during the day, except for sports.

Lightly padded sports bras are also designed to hug and protect the breasts, but these bras have less pressure. For this reason, they wrap your breasts during the day without squeezing.

Caring for Sports Bras

Like all performance products, it is ideal to wash sports bras in the washing machine or by hand. Cold water is recommended for both washes. It is not recommended to use hot water, softener and bleach for cleaning performance products, as they will shorten their lifespan.

You need to regularly clean your sportswear, which has a quick-drying structure by absorbing sweat. Otherwise, you cannot ensure the longevity of the product you use. Each garment has garment-specific care recommendations. You can use your clothing for a long time by following these care recommendations, which are also compatible with the accessory details on the product.

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