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Yoga and Pilates Mat

Yoga aims to wisely integrate the soul and body. By educating our body, soul and mind, it helps us to feel healthy and peaceful by supporting us to breathe correctly, and helps us to know ourselves, our body and soul. People who practice this philosophy are called "Yogis". Yoga is the oldest self-help technique. There are clothes and accessories that you especially need while doing yoga. At the beginning of the accessories needed while doing yoga yoga mat is coming.

What Does a Yoga Mat Do?

While practicing yoga, a non-slip surface is needed for the movements to be safe and effective. Yoga mats are made of special non-slip material to meet this need.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Yoga Mat?

For light yoga varieties, a 5-8 mm thick cloth is used to protect the knees and joints. yoga mat models preferable. Thus, even if you put weight on your knees in the movements you make by placing your knees on the ground, you will not feel pain and pressure as the ground will be soft on your knee and you will be able to continue the movement safely.

Since light yoga varieties will be recommended for beginners, yoga mat models with a thickness of 5-8 mm will feel less pressure and stiffness than thin mats, if the strength of your hands is still weak in postures with weight on the hands. Thus, your mobility will be ensured and you will be able to feel stronger over time.

In dynamic and advanced types of yoga, the important thing is to stay in balance. For these types of yoga, you can choose a 3-5 mm thick yoga mat. 3-5 mm thick mats will provide you with a clearer feeling of the ground and the necessary stabilization to stay in balance. Whatever type of yoga you do, you should definitely choose a non-slip yoga mat.

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