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Yoga pads are a favorite product of yogis who travel frequently and those who do not like to travel with too much stuff. Small products that do not take up as much space as a yoga mat and are lighter continue to support you in your sessions. They are smaller than a regular mat and still functional products. You can take the pads that you can comfortably carry in your bag wherever you go. You can practically carry these models even in small travel bags. That way, you can practice many asanas wherever you go without the risk of hurting your joints.

Yoga is a practice that attracts more and more people every day. Although there are different types of philosophy, which has a very old history, the purpose of each is basically the same: to provide inner peace to the person by balancing and combining the body and mind. Therefore, the popularity of philosophy is constantly increasing. Another thing that has increased in parallel with this increase is the accessories, clothes and materials used during the practices. While there were several types of products with standard features in the past, it is now possible to access many different alternatives. Easily portable yoga pads are one of these alternatives.

What Does a Yoga Pad Do?

Standard mats are 60 cm wide and 180 cm long on average. Their thickness is on average 5 mm and their weight is around 1 kg. Special mats designed for travel are available. If you still want to use a smaller and lighter product, yoga pads are ideal for you. These small and practical aids weigh only 650 grams. They can be carried easily with the dimensions of 33 cm x 64 cm. You can take your yoga pad everywhere, not only in travels, but also in city life.

Thanks to their non-slip base and 4 mm thickness, they offer an ideal environment for many postures. They do not slip under you during position transitions. It supports your joints with its sufficient thickness. You can place it on your routinely used mat for extra support.

Some brands add alignment lines on the products. These alignment lines provide guidance for both beginner yogis and yoga instructors. It allows you to do yoga poses without errors. Lines help instructors show their students the poses more comfortably.

You can also do the parts of the fitness training on the ground on your functional product that you can take with you wherever you go.

What Is The Difference Between A Yoga Pad And A Yoga Mat?

Both products have been developed for yoga practices. Yoga mats are available in many thicknesses and sizes. Yoga pads are smaller and lighter. If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you should have a good mat. Standard mats allow you to comfortably practice all asanas with their width and length dimensions.

You can easily use yoga mats at home or in the studio. On a mat suitable for your height, your movements are not restricted and you can easily do all the poses. You can also use standard size mats for your pilates sessions. You can also do many floor exercises on your mat.

The pads, which are specially designed for the group of yoga practitioners who want to travel with less items, have different features. Thanks to their light and small structure, they are easy to carry, and you do not have to worry about where to put them when taking them on travels. You take it with you and go on the road and open it and use it wherever you want. However, since these products are smaller than the standard size, their surfaces are suitable for fewer poses and fitness movements. Most yoga pads have their own special bag and are shipped with this bag when you buy it.

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