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Yoga Mat Cleansing Water

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Yoga Mat Cleansing Water

Yoga mats are indispensable accessories of yoga practices. You can use these functional products not only for yoga, but also for pilates and all other floor exercises. You can take your mat with you to other environments where you practice outside the home, and make your experience more hygienic and comfortable.

These favorite accessories of yoga lovers are produced in different features. The use of PVC material is widespread throughout the world, as it is long-lasting, durable and easily accessible. PVC surfaces offer closed cell properties. There is no risk of bacteria and bad odor as the closed cell structure does not allow the liquid to enter. They are easy to clean.

Models designed for yogis who do not prefer PVC are usually made of natural rubber. These products have high permeability. They take the fluid in and hold it. Therefore, their cleaning should be done in more detail.

It is necessary to routinely clean all mats, no matter what material they are made of. It is the material of the product that determines how this routine cleaning will be done. In order to use the product you bought for a long time, you need to know what material it is made of.

Yoga Mat Cleansing Water

You should never use harsh chemicals when cleaning the yoga mat. You should also avoid acid-based cleaners and bleach products. These types of cleaning agents damage the material of the product, shorten its life and cause permanent damage.

Cleaning solutions specially formulated for yoga mat cleaning safely clean the surface of the product. They do not contain harmful chemicals for your skin, they are produced with completely natural ingredients.

It offers ease of use thanks to its spray heads. The cleaning water you choose according to the material of the product you use cleans the surface of the product practically.

How Should You Clean Mats With Closed Cell Surfaces?

Since these products do not absorb the liquid, there is no risk of bacteria forming on the surface. Cleaning is simpler. It is enough to choose and take the cleaning water suitable for closed-cell surfaces. You can use these cleansing waters, which do not harm the surface of the product and are also skin-friendly, after every yoga session. When you want to do a deeper cleaning, it will be enough to keep the product on the surface a little longer.

How Should You Clean High Permeability Mats?

The models in this group, which are generally made of rubber material, have liquid permeability. When you sweat during a yoga session or floor exercises, the sweat gets into the product. You should clean the products in this group by paying attention to this important detail. Because these models take the liquid directly inside, they can be damaged with wrong cleaning products.

After spraying the cleaning water you have chosen for permeable surfaces onto the surface of the product and wiping it, you should leave it to dry properly. You should make sure your mat is completely dry before you fold it up and put it away. Because if this type of material stays moist, bacteria formation may start in it. Also, because of this, the product may be deformed before its expiration date.

Discoloration may occur on the surfaces of rubber yoga mats after a while. When the cleaning water specially produced for this material is used, the surface of the product regains its former vitality.

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