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Yoga Belt

Yoga is the whole of physical and mental movements to maintain the balance between body and mind. In the physical part, there are balance poses with lots of stretches and backward bends. In order to do these movements easily, some auxiliary accessories are used. Yoga belt is one of them. You can easily do the movements you just started using a yoga belt. When you master the movements in the future, you can use one of these products for perfect alignment and posture.

How Can You Use a Yoga Belt?

Yoga mats and yoga clothes keep you comfortable during your practice. That way you concentrate only on your movements. You can use yoga accessories for challenging yoga moves. Yoga blocks and yoga belts are ideal aids for all levels. With the help of a yoga belt, you can do many beginner poses without straining yourself.

This support product will help you until you get used to the poses you've just started trying. You can try this accessory, which allows you to easily stretch your body and bring your arms and legs closer together, in many poses.

You can use a yoga belt for standing balance poses, backward bends, and floor stretches.

You can do movements such as ship pose, warrior 3 pose, dolphin pose, dancer pose, pigeon pose more comfortably with Iyengar's invention.

The Ancient History of the Yoga Belt

These accessories, which allow you to do many asanas without hurting or straining yourself, are not new. It only waited for the discovery of the famous yogi Iyengar in the 60's to become a form that can be used comfortably by everyone in modern yoga practices. In fact, these arches have a very old history. It is stated in some sources that they have a history of at least 2000 years. In some ancient paintings and historical ruins, it is seen that yawning movements are made with this type of aid. So much so that the history of this supporting item can be as old as yoga.

Iyengar, who made the use of straps supporting the physical practices of yogis widespread in ancient times, is an Indian yogi who is the creator of the Iyengar yoga style. He is considered one of the world's leading yoga gurus. When he passed away in 2014 at the age of 95, he left behind many works related to yoga. His world-famous book Light On Yoga has been translated into many languages. Translated into our language as “Light for Yoga”, the book contains valuable information. Iyengar has famous followers, including Aldous Huxley, Donna Karan, Annette Bening. The Queen of Belgium taught Elisabeth at the age of 80 in the overhead stance (sirsasana) pose.

According to Iyengar, the yoga support accessory doesn't just support asanas. By helping the body do the poses comfortably, it in turn calms the fluctuations of the mind (chitta vritti nirodha).

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