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Yoga has become an increasingly popular practice nowadays. It has been included in the exercise routine of many people, as it helps to stay fit and fit by ensuring the integrity of the body and mind. One thing that came with this increase was diversity. Many accessories have been developed in addition to the clothing items used while practicing yoga. At the beginning of these, of course, we can count yoga mats . After mats, the most used accessory is yoga blocks.

What Do Yoga Blocks Do?

Yoga blocks support you in pose transitions and many postures. It doesn't matter what level you are at to use yoga blocks. You can use a block for backbends, stretches or working out balance poses. You can also get support from these products while working for inverted postures.

These well-thought-out little aids are lightweight and non-slip. If you're a traveling yogi, you can take your blog wherever you go. It is easy to carry. Since their designs are ergonomic, they fit your hand perfectly and keep you in balance. The structure of the edges provides ease of grip, does not slip on your hand.

There are countless postures in this mystical exercise routine, which dates back to ancient times. It takes time and practice to get each of these right. Yoga blocks are very useful at this time. Even if you master these poses, called asanas, you can still get the help of the blocks. This yoga material helps you stay balanced and perform movements with confidence.

How Many Types of Yoga Blocks Are There?

Yoga blocks are produced from different materials and in different sizes. If you want to use a completely natural product, you should choose blocks produced from natural cork. These blocks are produced from the bark of the cork oak tree. No harmful chemicals are used during assembly. They are sustainable products. It provides a solid base for your poses. It does not slip from your hand, it is comfortable to hold.

Foam blocks produced from recycled industrial and consumer waste EVA foam are also sustainable. These products, which are lighter than cork blocks, are dense and very durable. Its edges are rounded. Thus, while switching between poses, it remains stable under your hand and does not slip. You can safely get support from foam blocks while establishing your balance.

The dimensions and weights of the products are different from each other. Two different cork blocks, one weighs approximately 500 grams and the other 1 kg. Their height is around 22-23 cm. However, their heights vary a lot, as do their weights. The thickness, which is 7 cm in the flat size, increases to 13 cm in the standard length.

Foam blocks are also produced in two different sizes. Of these, the standard size has 23cm x 15cm x 10cm dimensions. This product has different color options. You can choose a color that goes well with your mat.

Other foam blocks are referred to as mini blocks. Designed with travel-loving yogis in mind, these models are very lightweight and have a smaller size. You can easily carry a mini yoga block weighing only 200 grams in your travel bag. With its dimensions of 10cm x 11.5cm x 15cm, it does not take up much space.

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