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Yoga Accessories

Yoga Belts

Some yoga accessories are as old as yoga practices themselves. Although it is not known exactly when yoga started to be practiced, it is estimated to have an ancient history dating back to 2700 BC. Yoga belts, which are among the yoga accessories, are almost as old as yoga. Although its active use today took place in the 20th century, this accessory is possible in historical paintings and sculptures.

Yoga belts are helpful aids that help you bring your arms and legs closer together and support stretching poses. This accessory can be used by yogis of all levels, preventing you from having difficulty in many poses that you have just started to do.

Yoga Mats

Yoga is a very popular practice for the modern world person. It makes people feel better because of its feature that balances the body physically, mentally and spiritually. For this reason, the number of people who are interested in yoga practices is increasing day by day. People who practice yoga have at least one yoga accessory in their home. The most widely used product in this group is undoubtedly yoga mats. The history of yoga mats begins after the introduction of yoga to the modern world. The product, which was created with the aim of helping the yogis living in cities to practice more comfortably and not slipping during the transitions between asanas, is now called the yoga mat. Today, many large sports equipment manufacturers design products for yogis with different wishes. Yoga mats are functional products produced in different sizes. It is also used for Pilates and floor exercises. In addition to the dimensions of the products, the materials are also diversified to meet different demands.

If you do yoga regularly, you have a yoga mat suitable for your wishes and level. In the collections of the brands, there are Travel series designed for traveling yogis and additionally yoga pads. Yoga pads are small products that offer cushioning. You can easily do many poses on these models.

Yoga Mat Cleansing Water

Yoga mats are commonly made of PVC or rubber material. In addition to the models with a closed cell structure, there are also those with a permeable surface. Each product has maintenance details that ensure its longevity. In order to use the product you bought for a long time, you need to do the right care. Specially formulated according to the material of the yoga mat, the cleaning water of the yoga mat allows you to clean and maintain the mat simply.

Yoga Mat Strap

They are models designed for yogis who practice mostly outside to carry their mats easily. These products are extremely lightweight, allowing you to wrap your mat in a few simple movements and carry it comfortably. It offers ease of transport as its own weight is low.

Yoga Mat Bag

To carry the yoga mat, you can use the support of the bags specially designed for mats of different sizes. Some bags have ventilated compartments for carrying your sports gear. Yoga bags with zippered opening and closing system are also available in models with small pockets for your personal belongings.

Yoga Blocks

You can get support at every level from the yoga blocks that you can use during stretching and backward bending movements. You can use these products, which allow you to do the poses you just started without difficulty, to make perfect postures when you are at an advanced level. With its easy-grip edges and dense structure, yoga blocks offer you versatile support.

Yoga Mat Towel

If you have a habit of sweating frequently and you are constantly slipping on the yoga mat, you should examine your yoga mat towels. You can use these products, which provide excellent grip support and anti-slip properties, on your mat, thanks to their ability to absorb sweat quickly and remove it from the environment. Yoga mat towels not only allow you to do your movements without slipping, but also provide hygiene while doing yoga outside. You can wash them after each use as they are machine washable. You can use some models not only on the yoga mat, but also on all floors.

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