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New season

In Stilefit store, there are special products of world famous sportswear brands. In each new season, the most popular of these products are carefully selected and added to our store. If you are also a sports enthusiast and you like sportswear, do not forget to take a look at the products in the new season.

New Season Sportswear

You can look at the new season models of performance clothes that do not restrict your movements while doing sports and make your training more enjoyable. Today, fabric weaving technologies are constantly developing. Therefore, it is not only the colors that change in the new season. The fabric of the performance item you purchased may also have been renewed to better support you.

In the new season, different designs of many products are listed. You can choose the ones that suit you best from the sports leggings, sports bras and other sportswear in this aisle. If you are tired of the colors you have used for a long time, you can animate your style by trying a new color. Body measurements may change during the year. If you have experienced a change that affects your clothing size, you should renew your existing products accordingly. In particular, you should buy sports bras according to your full body size. If there is a difference in bust sizes, you should review the bras in your closet and replace them with the correct size.

You can colorize your style by choosing the models that suit your taste among sports shirts, sweatshirts , sports jackets and many more new season pieces. Products that will match with your existing sportswear give you the chance to combine more.

New Season Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are also among the products where you can find different models every season. You can choose the one that suits you among the models whose base technologies and colors have been renewed. Sportswear brands produce shoes with different features for different sports branches. The soles and lacing systems of sports shoes differ according to these branches. While models with light and flexible soles are ideal for running, you can choose models with thinner soles to wear in the gym.

Sports shoes wear out at certain intervals according to the frequency of use. You should replace shoes with worn soles with new ones. Among the new season sneakers, you can find the model that fully meets your wishes with its technical features and design. While your new shoes provide you with performance support, they also color your sportswear combinations.

New Season Sporting Goods

Materials such as yoga mats, gym bags, hats, yoga pads, sports gloves are products that help you while doing sports. You can find the new season models of these products with their renewed features and season colors here.

Yoga mats provide you the comfort you want in yoga and pilates sessions. It protects your joints, prevents you from slipping, and this way you can only focus on your movements. These mats are produced in different thicknesses. If you have a thick mat on hand, you may want to consider purchasing a thinner one for travel. If you want an even smaller but useful product, don't forget to take a look at the yoga pads . You can do many yoga poses, including inverted poses, on yoga pads.

Sports gloves prevent your hands from slipping while doing sports, provide hygiene and protect your hands against problems such as calluses and peeling that may occur against friction.

You can use a sports hat to protect yourself from the sun while doing sports. You can also take advantage of the elegance of these accessories to complete your daily style.

If you choose to go to a gym for your workout routines, you need a good bag to carry your stuff. You can choose one of the sports bags whose inner compartments will provide you with the comfort you want. Sports bags are produced in different sizes and styles. You can choose the model that reflects your style and go to the gym in a more comfortable and colorful way.

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