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vimmia A luxury sportswear company founded in Los Angeles in 2012. The creator of the brand is Ardy Raminfar, an innovative entrepreneur who decided to reflect his 20 years of experience in the world of fashion and textiles into his own designs. Fabrics with technical features are used in the collections, where comfort, elegance and functionality details are uniquely combined. The brand is one of the prominent names in the new trend of today's casual wear fashion.

It is possible to take part in both a gym and a meeting of friends with the products in its collection. This design feature is summarized on the brand's website with these words: “From the living room to the street. Crossfit from the office. From the meeting. From spin to sushi. Barre to bar.” Both the design and production of the products are done in Los Angeles. The collection includes sportswear products for women and men. Technological fabrics are used in the VimmiaX series, which provides support for high-intensity training. CurV, on the other hand, appeals to people of large sizes. The brand also has a maternity wear collection.

Technical Specifications of Vimmia Products

There is a different feature in the VimmiaX series, which is included in the wide product range of the brand. The special fabric, which consists of smart yarns in a structure that will convert body heat into energy, provides a two-way advantage. It both increases performance and improves skin texture. Since the properties of the innovative fabric that supports blood circulation are included in the structure of the threads, it does not deteriorate with washing. Vimmia is the only brand in America that produces with this smart yarn. Fabrics that offer compression feature, on the other hand, provide double-sided benefits. The suppressed muscles and veins accelerate blood circulation and increase performance, while improving the appearance of cellulite surfaces.

All of the standard features of performance fabrics on the market are available in Vimmia's fabrics. Lightweight, sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics also have four-way stretching capability. In this way, it provides both freedom of movement and comfort.

The benefits of Vimmia's fabrics are as follows:

  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • improves blood flow
  • Provides more oxygen to muscles and tissues
  • Thanks to its four-way stretch feature, it takes the vibration of the muscles
  • Increases recovery speed with efficient exercises

Vimmia Products Featured on Stilefit

Carefully selected products from Vimmia's elite collection are available at Stilefit. The luxury sportswear brand only has a physical store in Los Angeles. Apart from that, it is possible to find their products in exclusive stores and few shopping websites.

The products that Stilefit has specially selected for its users are tights and sports bras with original designs that will give women a sexy look.

Specially designed tights combined with different colors and prints can be paired with sports bras with the same print. A feminine look is provided by the black models with weighted mesh pieces. There is also a unique product line in which leopard print transitions are used. Animal prints, which are a rare feature in sportswear, are used skillfully in Vimmia. Capri-length, crop-length and long-length tights provide performance support with their technical features. It offers a stylish look in line with fashion trends with its stylish design details.

Similar details prevail in sports bras. In addition to the mesh and animal prints, thin band collars and swim backs are in the foreground. You can choose these special products with a different and feminine character to improve your performance and make your appearance more classy.

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