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Vie Active Its founder, Noa Ries, thrives on Australia's Bondi Beach by participating in both running and swimming laps. In 2007, Noa Ries decides to go over what he finds lacking in the sportive lifestyle he has acquired. Caught between being both stylish and fit, she questions why she had to make this decision every day. The answer is obvious! If he wants, he thinks that being both stylish and comfortable and in shape is not that hard work and starts to work.

As a modern woman, Noa Ries realizes that she doesn't have time to change clothes several times a day. A year passes and he takes the steps of a new sportswear mission by combining performance and style.

founded in Idaho Vie Active sportswear brand inspires women with both performance-oriented and stylish and active clothing. The brand, which has come to the forefront with its products that give strength, grace and joy to women who have an active sports life since the day it was founded, makes women feel good and strong while doing sports.

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Vie Active brings a different perspective to sportswear by combining the highest quality performance fabrics and style with performance. It prioritizes quality in all its products, especially sports leggings and sports bra models, which are produced using the latest technology available. Taking firm steps forward without compromising from fabric to performance, cut to color, Vie Active offers a different product range by bringing both quality and comfort to the sportswear world with the stylish silhouettes it produces. Vie Active products; Whether in your daily life or when you are doing fitness, running or training, it always makes you look better and perform better.

The brand, which aims to design daily clothes to be used while training, uses quick-drying, sweat-wicking, anti-microbial and luxurious fabrics in its products. Vie Active sports tights and sports bra models on the online shopping site and you can buy them right away.

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