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Under Armor Leggings


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Established in 1996 in the USA, the famous sportswear brand Under Armor includes sports leggings with different features in its performance products collection. You can use the brand's leggings models with superior features in many sports activities from yoga to gymnastics, from running to fitness training. Under Armor tights , which are lightweight, flexible and quick-drying, are available in many color and pattern options. You can determine exactly what type of model you need and choose the UA sports tights that fit you best.

Highlights of Under Armor Tights

You want the clothes you wear while doing sports to offer you freedom of movement and comfort. Light, flexible, breathable and sweat-wicking products provide you with the comfort you need. The tights in the Under Armor collection are designed to offer maximum comfort while doing sports and to give freedom to their movements. These stylish products, which make their style more striking with their eye-catching patterns and different colors, stand out with their certain features.

UA HeatGear

Under Armor's patented performance fabric, HeatGear, is designed to keep your body cool in hot weather and intense workouts. It absorbs liquid quickly when you sweat and dries very quickly.

Thanks to its ultra-light structure, it does not slow you down while moving. It is very thin, yet not see-through and provides superior protection.

You can use the models made of HeatGear fabrics on the hottest summer days without fear of sweating.

UA Rush

Technological fabric Rush, produced with the motto of less fatigue, more exercise, relieves muscle fatigue and returns your energy to you. Infrared technology is embedded in the scientifically developed fabric. In this way, it reflects the energy you use while moving and makes you less tired. With the tights made of fabric with this feature, you can exercise almost without getting tired.

Four Way Flexibility

Models made of four-way stretch fabric move with you. These tights adapt to the movements of your body in yoga poses, fitness exercises, and all sports that require active movement.

Under Armor No-Slip Waistband

Leggings that slip off your waist while you move will interrupt your performance and you cannot enjoy your workout as you wish. Under Armor has managed to prevent this problem with the No-Slip Waistband technology it has developed. The technology embedded in the mid- and high-waist designs strengthens the waist of the tights and secures the garment to your body. In this way, it stays on even during the most intense exercises and does not interrupt its performance by slipping.

Compression Feature

Products with Compression feature wrap the body like a second skin. While it allows your muscles to warm up faster, it also allows you to do your movements more comfortably.

Anti-Odor Technology

Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric and prevents the formation of bad odor.

Under Armor Leggings Designs

The Under Armor tights collection, which consists of colorful patterns, bright fabrics and eye-catching colors, includes different models that you can wear at any time of the day. You can enjoy many of the models that stand out with their stylish design details as well as their performance features in daily life.

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