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Under Armor Shoes

The American Under Armor brand, which has been in the sportswear world since 1996, has a colorful and high-tech sneaker collection. While Under Armor sneakers stand out with their performance-oriented features, they also have eye-catching designs. If you are interested in running and looking for a sneaker that will support your performance, you should check out the Under Armor models. Make sure you find an Under Armor model that offers you all the features you're looking for.

Features of Under Armor Sports Shoes

The superior technologies used in the inner, mid, outer soles and upper make Under Armor shoes indispensable for athletes. The models, which are decorated with eye-catching design details, have different technical features that stand out.

UA Charged Cushioning

The midsole produced with the brand's patented Charged Cushioning technology has shock absorbing feature. Thanks to the sole character that offers superior cushioning as you step and run, the model you wear will stretch to the maximum. Shoes with the Charged Cushioning feature superiorly absorb the impact, giving you back energy.

UA HOVR Cushioning

First introduced in 2018, the UA HOVR technology gives the soles of running shoes cushioning with excellent shock absorption ability. It is similar in character to Charged Cushioning. The high-tech midsole structure developed by the brand returns the energy you spend to you. This way you get tired later. This revolutionary construction offers extra comfort both during performance and in everyday life.

UA MapMyrun

MapMyrun, the fitness application of the Under Armor brand, tracks performance both with the GPS system on mobile devices and through chips in some models of the brand. Simply pair your shoes equipped with the UA MapMyrun application with the application you have installed on your smart mobile device.

The system, where you have instant access to real-time running data, also collects feedback from you. As a result, you can access many data such as step length, distance, speed, calories burned. You can follow the running averages and view the value you want. The app helps you find your ideal running style while helping you achieve better performance.

UA Storm

UA Storm technology, which means storm in Turkish, gives a structure resistant to all weather conditions in accordance with its name. Products with Storm technology, which provides waterproof feature, keep water out. Water droplets glide from the surface.

Other Performance-Enhancing Features of UA Shoes

In addition to the structures that provide cushioning on the soles of Under Armor shoes , there is also Vibram support. Vibram is a base structure that is frequently used in outdoor models and whose main feature is durability. It increases the grip and reduces the risk of slipping.

In the upper part, the frequently preferred knit structure is seamless. It wraps your foot in the comfort of a sock and helps you run without slowing down. It has a light and flexible structure and is breathable.

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