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American football player Kevin Plank realizes that the cotton T-shirt he wears inside his jersey during the match causes him to sweat excessively and become excessively wet. Uncomfortable with this situation, Plank set out to develop and manufacture a new t-shirt that wicks sweat while keeping it dry. Under Armor This is how the first steps of the brand are taken.

Locked in his grandmother's garage, the football player begins to get the results of his work in 1996 and manages to develop his first product with a capital of several thousand dollars. He persuades several football players, who are his teammates with the Atlanta Falcons, to wear his product. After 2 years, he makes his first sale for 17 thousand dollars.

In the 20 years that have passed since then, Kevin Plank, one of the most important names in the world sportswear industry, succeeds in writing his success story with his own determination. Today, Under Armor continues to work without slowing down with its innovation team of 175 people.

The share of the 'technological product' perception in its rise and success in America is extremely large. The spacesuits developed by NASA use the heat storage technology of Under Armor sportswear brand is assertive that the products they produce with this technology significantly increase the performance of a long-distance runner. The brand, which uses the 'coolswitch' technology that activates when sweating starts, throws sweat out and keeps the body dry, prefers to use fast-drying, synthetic and compressed fabric in its products.

3D Printed Under Armor Shoe Model

After sportswear, the brand is the first 3D-printed brand it has developed in 2.5 years. Under Armor sneakers With its model, it reveals its difference in both sportswear and sports shoes.

The company, which doubles its size almost every four years, is also very assertive in terms of product durability. The shoes produced by the Under Armor sports brand undergo an endurance test consisting of half a million steps before being presented to the consumer. According to sports scientists, the color of the medal in the Olympic games is determined by the 2% difference in the athlete's performance. Based on this determination, Under Armor management made a difference in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games as the sponsor of a total of 250 candidate athletes from 19 different branches and 32 countries.

Technological sports Under Armor clothing products are represented by stars such as Andy Murray on the courts, Stephen Curry in the NBA and Michael Phelps in the pool, each famous and successful in their own field.

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