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Terez is a sportswear company headquartered in New York City. The prominent parts of the brand, whose niche product is sports tights, are patterned and printed colorful tights. Founded by two childhood friends, Zara Terez Tisch and Amanda Schabes, the brand's designs are inspired by what happens in the partners' own lives. Connecting her principles to feelings, Terez's motto is based on love and connections. Shaping its designs in this direction, the brand offers different alternatives to users. It produces tights that will attract the attention of those looking for alternatives to plain colors and ordinary patterns during sports or daily use. Terez brand tights are available in different sizes (capri tights, long tights, short tights) are produced. There are many interesting patterns among the products that carry the dynamics of life and lively sections in the prints on them. It is very simple to achieve originality with tights with unique designs such as city lights, moon surface, skull, different emojis. It's not just the unique print that sets the tights apart from other printed tights. Thanks to the printing technique applied to the flexible fabric surface, the tights do not break the pressure by opening when they stretch on the skin. No matter how much you stretch, the pattern on the tights is maintained.

The products, which are also extremely easy to care for, can be washed by hand in cold water on the reverse or in the machine with a low-cycle program. In this way, the color of the patterns can be used for a long time without fading.

Terez sports leggings models, which are produced from technical fabrics that provide performance support, are dazzling. Tights, which offer comfort and elegance together, provide stylish comfort both while doing sports, during the day or for a night out. Pair one of these New York tights with an attractive leather jacket and a pair of sneakers for a unique look.

Terez Fabrics

Performance fabrics used by the brand for its products provide both extra flexibility while doing sports and comfort in daily life.


TLC tights are very soft, providing comfort not only with the support they provide during performance, but also during activities in a routine day. The fabric, which has a texture that users interpret as a second skin feeling, is non-pilling and non-clumping. The brand's latest fashion fabric.


Hi-Shine, one of the oldest fabrics of the brand, has high moisture absorbing properties and dries very quickly. The fabric, which provides medium compression, can be used easily in all levels of training. Thanks to the comfort it offers, it can be worn all day long apart from doing sports. There are tens of colorful tights alternatives produced from this fabric with original prints in Terez.

Dynamic Duoknit

Dynamic Duoknit, a technical fabric, is used in the production of colored tights that have successfully passed the Squat test. In addition to its non-see-through feature, it has a sweat absorption structure. At the same time, the fabric with an extra soft texture can be preferred all day long.

Comfortable experiences are possible with the fabric produced for high-intensity strength training.


This shiny performance fabric, which provides extra comfort thanks to its ultra-light structure, has a moisture-wicking structure. It is very suitable for intense exercises due to its advanced compression feature. It can be worn comfortably not only during training, but also during the day.

Terez Waistbands

It is possible to find suitable alternatives for everyone among the waistbands produced in three different thicknesses.

Slim Waistband

The thinnest waistband that does not compress the waist. This band, which is used at the waist of medium-height tights, measures 3.8 cm. Tights in this group can be used in low-intensity training.

High Waistband

Measuring 7.6cm, this waistband is used in mid-height tights. Tights with medium compression feature can be preferred in intense training.

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