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Sports Overalls

The leotard, named after a French acrobat who lived in the 19th century, has an important place in the clothing used while doing sports. This garment in the form of a jumpsuit covers the whole body in one piece. There are models with long sleeves, sleeveless, short sleeves, full legs or short legs. used today The inspiration for sports overalls and even swimsuits is the leotard. It is a practical product for athletes who do not want to deal with more than one piece of sportswear. In addition, since it is one piece, it fits the body perfectly and does not slip during the performance. It is also preferred by many athletes recently, as it does not open while switching between yoga poses or doing sports exercises.

Where is the Sports Jumpsuit Used?

Sports bodysuits, which are used alone by women in sports exercises, are produced by many brands as unisex. It is a popular garment preferred in sports such as yoga, pilates, athletics, gymnastics, cycling, running and rowing. In addition to barre and yoga, women have also taken part in fitness classes in recent years. sports overalls they prefer. It is also widely used by both men and women in professional dance and figure skating. It is a very functional product as it prevents upper garments such as undershirts and T-shirts from sliding up and lower garments such as tights or sweatpants from falling down during performance. They can also be used easily while doing fitness in the halls.

Sports Bodysuit Design and Technology

Although its place in sportswear fashion is not as popular as it was in the 90s, sports overalls, whose functionality has not changed, still have a serious user rate. Stylish bodysuits with feminine design in Stilefit are produced from technical fabrics. Flexible structures with sweat absorbing feature support the body during training. In thin-hanger models, special non-slip hangers are used to prevent the hangers from slipping. Thanks to the hidden breast pads used in many products, there is no need for an extra sports bra. It is a versatile garment that can also be used while swimming, as the fabrics from which they are produced are generally resistant to chlorine and salt water. There are different sports overalls models with glossy, matte and mesh transitions.

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