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Sports Equipment

There are many different sports branches. In addition to clothing, sportswear also includes sports equipment in the collections of sportswear brands. Here you can find many sports equipment specially produced for different branches that will provide you with performance support.

Yoga Supplies

Everyone who practices yoga has one or more yoga mats. Mats are produced in different sizes to meet different needs. There is a product suitable for taller yogis, traveling yogis, yogis who sweat heavily, and more.

Mats differ not only in size but also in materials. Long-lasting and durable options are available. These models are made from high quality PVC and are latex-free. Some series have a lifetime warranty . Mats made of rubber, a natural material, are a good option for environmental yogis. For yogis who sweat excessively, mats are produced with increased grip ability as they absorb sweat. There are also lightweight travel mats available for people who like to travel or practice in different studios all the time. Do not forget to take the appropriate cleaning water for the surface of your mat. You can safely use these specially formulated products and ensure the longevity of your product.

If you need a smaller model apart from the yoga mat, you can try yoga pads. These products are small and light but ideal for many asanas. You can easily do inverted poses on yoga pads.

If you have a very sweaty nature and want more non-slip, make sure to consider the yoga mat towel option that you can use on your mat. This functional accessory absorbs sweat instantly, giving you the grip support you need. In addition, there are models that you can use on all surfaces, not just matte.

Yoga accessories are not limited to this. You can get the support of yoga blocks and yoga belts in many yoga movements, especially stretching and bending poses.

Yoga mat straps and bags are practical accessories you can use to carry your belongings.

Sports Bags

You can take advantage of sports bags with functional interior compartments to carry your belongings while going to the gym. You can comfortably carry your shoes, towel and spare clothes in these bags.

If you're someone who likes to wear sportswear, don't forget to check out waist bags and small gym bags that you can match with your style.

Sports Accessories

Hair bands that prevent your hair from getting in front of you while doing sports both provide performance support and complement your sports style. You can look at the products in different thicknesses and different colors and get the models that best fit your sportswear.

Sports hats both protect you on sunny days and complete your look. You can create different styles by matching sports hats produced in different colors and designs with your daily clothes. You can use the visor models in your intense workouts outside. This model does not make you sweat with its light structure and protects your face from the sun.

Sports gloves are accessories that prevent your hands from slipping. You can use this material in many sports branches. It provides excellent grip to your hands while using the equipment in the gym. You can support and protect your hands with sports gloves while playing tennis, doing yoga and water sports. These performance products, which have a structure that absorbs sweat and removes it from the skin, have silicone details on the palms. This detail increases the grip of the hands. Gloves prevent the hands from peeling or deforming due to friction and additionally provide hygiene.

Wearable Support Products

Wearable support products designed for feet, knees, arms, wrists and elbows are available. By using these products, which support the treatment of many health problems, you can increase your comfort both during the day and during sports. You can wear all your shoes with the same comfort thanks to the orthopedic insoles that you can shape specially for your feet. You can easily remove these insoles and place them on the sole of another shoe.

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