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Sports Activity

Stilefit has many products that you can use in different sports activities. The clothes, each of which provides performance support and designed according to the type of training, are carefully selected from the collections of world-renowned brands.

Gym Fitness

You can find leggings, sports bras, shoes, fitness gloves and sports vests in the series produced for you to wear during your workouts at the gym. Cardio exercises and HIIT workouts are often done in gyms. Sports clothes that will be in harmony with your body in these activities affect your performance positively. During intense workouts, you don't have to deal with tights slipping over you or athletes that fold up. Thanks to the fitness gloves, you can easily use all the equipment in the hall. This functional accessory ensures that your hands do not slip. It also prevents injuries that may occur due to friction while working with tools. In addition, it provides hygiene as it prevents direct contact with tools in common use.

You should choose shoes with a sole structure that prevents slipping while moving on the floor of fitness rooms. In this section, you can also find fitness shoes that appeal to your taste.

Don't forget to check out fitness bags with multiple functional compartments that you can use to carry your clothes to the gym.


Running is one of those cardio activities that works many muscles at the same time. While running, you should choose clothes that provide maximum freedom to your body and do not slow down. Among the sports tights, those with compression feature provide ideal support while running. You can also check out the double layer running shorts that offer the same feature. Since running is a very active and intense exercise, you should use high-support sports bras . Breathable stretch t-shirts and tank tops won't interrupt your performance. Another product you can find in this section is running shoes. While you're running, you won't lose your pace with shoes that stretch appropriately, are lightweight and have high grip.


Yoga is an ancient practice that dates back to ancient times. It includes physical and mental practices. His physical movements consist of stretching and twisting movements and balance poses. While doing these movements, you should use flexible but not tight clothing. Tights that stretch with you without restricting the movements of your body, sports bras with light or medium support, t-shirts and athletes that pull sweat away from the skin improve the yoga experience.

While doing yoga, you also need suitable yoga materials as well as suitable clothes. First of all, you need to buy a yoga mat suitable for your level, a bag or hanger to carry the yoga mat. You can also get support accessories that will prevent you from having difficulty in the poses you have just started to try. These are yoga blocks and yoga belts. Finally, you can use special yoga mat cleaning waters formulated according to the surface structure of the mat to care and clean your mat.


This practice, whose philosophy and movements are similar to yoga, mostly includes practices for strengthening the body. Stretch and balance poses are also available in pilates sessions. You can make your pilates experience more enjoyable with choices that allow your body to be free while doing these movements. You will perform better with stretchy sports tights, bras with the appropriate support level, and pilates athletes.

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