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Wearing the right socks while doing sports is more important than you think. No matter how comfortable your sneakers are, if you don't have suitable socks, your feet will not be comfortable enough. Even with a model that constantly slips off your foot or injures your foot due to friction, your performance will be adversely affected. For this reason, when choosing clothes and shoes suitable for the sport you are doing, you should also choose the appropriate socks.

What is the Feature of Socket Socks?

These products have much superior features than standard models. They are performance-oriented products as they are primarily designed to be used while doing sports. They do not sweat, do not smell and do not slip off your feet. Many models are so thin that you hardly feel you are wearing them. Do not be confused by their thinness; special weaving shapes are sufficient to protect their feet against friction.

You don't want your performance to be interrupted as you move quickly during intense workouts. You use appropriate sportswear for this. You wear tights that don't slip at the waist, sports bras that support your breasts, and athletic shoes in addition to sports bras. When making these choices, you know that you have to choose models made of technical fabrics. It is not suitable for you to do sports with your daily shoes whose soles are not flexible enough. Daily bras cannot support their breasts like sports bras while doing sports. Since the cotton T-shirts you wear every day do not absorb sweat and do not dry quickly, they stay wet when you sweat and make you uncomfortable. When you wear socks that are not produced for sports, they slip off your feet and disturb your comfort. After a certain time, water collects on your heels and tendons due to friction and you cannot concentrate on your movements because of the pain you feel.

Socks That Provide Performance Support

Models that are flexible, wrap around their feet and do not slip by sitting on their heels are produced according to the foot anatomy. These performance accessories, designed according to the right and left feet, have different technological features specific to the brand. Some brands add compression levels to the socks they produce, providing extra performance support. Working with the same logic as compression tights and bras, these socks accelerate blood circulation in the area by applying pressure from different points on the foot. It relieves pain in the feet and prevents friction.

Some brands have models specially produced for sports branches. Models designed to prevent the feet from slipping while doing Pilates and yoga provide high grip by passing to the toes like a glove. Models designed for fitness and running are products with a breathing structure and reinforced heels. They do not sweat the feet. They are durable models, they do not wear out easily.

These small accessories, which make you extra comfortable while doing sports, will support you significantly. Enhance your performance and complete your style by choosing colors that match your sportswear and shoes.

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