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Founded in Australia in 1983 Running Bare is the longest running women's sportswear brand in the country with its 38-year history. The fact that sportswear alternatives included very limited and boring designs in the 80s led to the emergence of the brand. Running Bare was born with the innovative steps of Brian Powell, a fabric expert, and Corin, his fashion-loving wife.

The motto of the brand, which has supported women since the day it was founded, is based on the idea that “looking good makes you feel good”. Guiding its designs with the guidance of this sentence, Running Bare strives to ensure that women have the comfort and style they can rely on while doing sports. The brand, which does not forget about quality and design while prioritizing performance, appeals to all women. Yolanda Powell, Creative Director of Running Bare, states that they do not manufacture for a specific type of woman. The brand's collection has options for women of all sizes and styles. Powell promises attractiveness, comfort and above all functionality to the women who wear its products. While expressing that they know no boundaries in patterns and colors, he emphasizes that the brand is far from traditional patterns. The products of the brand, most of which are produced in Sydney, Australia, change according to fashion trends every season.

Where to Wear Running Bare Products?

Running Bare, which has a wide collection of products, has products suitable for almost every sport. The brand has options for both strength training and less intense activities. You can choose the products that stand out with their technical features in daily life thanks to the comfort they offer.

Running Bare Products Featured on Stilefit

The products of Running Bare, the long-established brand of Australia, carefully selected according to local trends, are included in Stilefit. The range includes different models of tights and sports bras. The products of the brand, which has a wide variety of fabrics, have different features.

Sports Tights

It is possible to find Running Bare sports tights in different sizes and colors at Stilefit. The tights with fabric technology suitable for every training level carry original and functional design details. You can find the answer to your search for quality tights with Running Bare products.

Sports Bras

Sports bras with added details that will make women feel both comfortable and sexy while doing sports are very stylish. Zippers, colorful prints, different colors will catch your eye in the Running Bare series. The bras, which look great when paired with casual outfits as well as sports combinations, hug the breasts nicely.

In addition, a comfortable t-shirt model of the Running Bare brand and a bra undershirt alternative are waiting for you at Stilefit.

Running Bare Fabric Guide

Running Bare brand produces its products from fabrics with different properties. The technical details and elegance level of each fabric change.

RB RUNWAY 31% Elastane - 69% Nylon

One of the best selling and most loved fabrics. It has sweat absorption and breathability, quick-drying structure, and lightweight. It is suitable for every workout, but it is mostly preferred for running.

RB SCULPT 41% Elastane - 59% Nylon

The premium matte fabric, suitable for all types of training, provides excellent flexibility and high-quality performance support.

RB VIXEN 28% Elastane - 72% Nylon

It is used for products that combine performance and elegance. The prints, colors and other details of the fabric, which is suitable for mid-level training, change according to seasonal trends.

RB DOUBLE KNIT 45% Nylon - 42% Polyester - 13% Elastane Tactel

The four-way stretch fabric is 100% opaque and does not show through. It has the feature of being a complete technological fabric with its components. It provides comfort and support in all workouts from medium to intense. It offers the opportunity to easily perform movements such as squats, deadlifts and lunges without the worry of showing off.

RB SUPPLEX ACTIVE 87% Supplex Nylon and 13% Elastane

With its super soft and extremely flexible structure, Supplex is mainly used in the design of yoga products. It does not wrinkle, sag, fade and tear. It wraps the curves nicely and provides support during the performance. Suitable for low intensity activities.

RB SUPPLEX COMPLEX 80% Supplex Nylon 20% Elastane

The flexible fabric, which provides performance support with its technical features, is compatible with the most difficult movement transitions. It's styling and very comfortable. One of the best selling products.

RB LIQUID 85% Nylon 15% Elastane Pepita

The supportive fabric, which can be worn on the mat or in the hall, is also suitable for post-sport activities with its bright texture. It provides a sexy look that gives the impression of being wet.

RB SEACELL 70% Recycled Polyester 24% Seacell 6% Elastane

Sustainable, biodegradable, eco-friendly fabric is made from seaweed and recycled plastic water bottles. It has sweat absorption feature. The seaweed component creates a detox effect. It is very suitable for yoga and pilates.

RB COSMIC 94% Polyester 6% Elastane

The thinnest and most attractive fabric. Suitable for all sports activities.

RB STRIKER MESH 92% Polyester 8% Elastane

Lightweight, perforated fabric is ideal for all workouts. Especially in the summer season, it provides great comfort with its thin and airy structure.

RB BISOU 92% Nylon 8% Elastane

It has UV protection, is resistant to sunlight and oils. Suitable for beach sports.

RB CRYSTAL 67% Nylon 33% Elastane

While it offers performance support thanks to its technical structure, it is a fabric that can adapt to Saturday night plans with its stylish and attractive appearance.

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