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Local running club member Joseph William Foster made a pair of spiked running shoes in 1985 for his own needs. In this way, he unwittingly made the first "Foster" running shoe that would leave its mark on the history of athletics with gold letters. a sportswear brand This is how Reebok 's story begins.

In 1896, Joseph William Foster made the first pump shoes and established his company under his own name. In 1958, the name of the company was changed from "JWFoster & Sons Ltd" to "Reebok", inspired by a small elk that can run very fast.

In 1979, American businessman and distributor of outdoor sports equipment Paul Fireman discovered the popularity of Reebok at the International Sneaker Show held in Chicago. fireman, Reebok sneakers and clothing brand in the US, and promotes Reebok shoes at an international trade show. Thus, the brand begins to operate in the USA.

Fireman, who also took the North American distributorship, introduces three running shoes in America in the same year, and these three running shoes become one of the most expensive shoes in the market of the period with $60.

When it came to 1982, the brand started a new production called aerobic dance, which was produced specifically for women for the first time. Reebok women's shoes releases models. With these sports fitness shoes called Freestyle, it has succeeded in shaping three important trends in the sneaker industry.

In 1984, Paul Fireman bought the Reebok brand from the Foster family and entered into an intense sponsorship activity. In 1989, the worldwide popular Reebok brand launched the Step exercise program, and in 1990 it launched the first lightweight athletic shoes with ventilated side panels.

By 1995, when it completed its 100th anniversary, Reebok, which has 170 distributorships and a turnover of $ 3.3 billion, was bought by Adidas, the world sports brand, in 2005.

Today, with a large family of 50,000 Alliance members, over 500 athletes, over 100 teams and many important global icons such as Steve Francis, Venus Williams, Allen Iverson and Nicole Vaidisova. Reebok Turkey and continues to grow rapidly around the world.

Reebok's headquarters are in Mexico City, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, and there are many other companies both in Turkey and around the world. Reebok stores exists.

Famous Names Sponsored by Reebok Sportswear and Shoe Brand

Among the famous people sponsored by the Reebok brand; Jelena Jankovic, Nicole Vaidisova, Gianluigi Buffon, Serena Williams, Andriy Shevchenko, Pharell, Fifty Cent and Thierry Henry.

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