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Props Athletics brand designs innovative products to improve performance quality and support sports life. The Canadian-based company was founded by Lauren Siegal, who decided to manufacture it herself with the features she wanted when she could not find an accessory as she was looking for. Inviting people to do sports without hesitation of sweating, Siegal offers comfort in more than one sport with Props Athletics sports gloves. The gloves, which are not limited to technical features, have visual details that make the product attractive. Props gloves, which are sweat-repellent and provide strong grip, improve sports performance. It complements sportswear with its stylish designs and offers the visual advantages of being a design product as well as functionality.

Props Athletics Sports Gloves What does it do?

Experiencing intense sweating while doing sports is extremely normal and common. When the hands are among the sweaty areas, some results that will negatively affect the performance may occur. For example, hands that become slippery from sweat while doing yoga, lifting weights or riding a bike can cause balance problems. Props gloves, on the other hand, are smart assistants designed to solve such problems. The part that comes to the outer surface of the hand has a texture that serves to wipe sweat during the performance. On the palm surface, there are technical details that provide non-slip properties. In addition to these features, the gloves prevent the formation of calluses. It is healthier as it cuts the contact and transfer path with the contaminated surfaces. It provides comfortable and balanced movement on the mat. It fits comfortably in the hand with its seamless, seamless structure and compression fabric. The special design of the glove with fingerless, hidden between the fingers frees the hands while doing sports. With gloves that can be used without removing the rings, athletes do not have to compromise on their style. The silicone part on the palm provides a strong grip by increasing the gripping ability. The fitness glove, made of sweat-absorbing and odor-free fabric, offers a comfortable experience in many sports.

Props Athletics Specifications

Props gloves are produced from fabrics woven with Coolmax, an extra-soft performance yarn that absorbs sweat. It grips and supports the hands with its compression structure and hidden finger detail. Thanks to the silicone piece placed in the palm, the hands are fixed. The part that comes to the outer surface of the hand is used as a sweat band, providing double-sided convenience during performance. It is easily removed from the wrist. Extremely light. It doesn't smell. It distinguishes itself from its class counterparts with its stylish design. Gloves, the number one product of the brand, are designed and produced by combining the trio of fitness, fashion and functionality. It is extremely easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine in cold water. The products have a very wide and unique color palette, original colors can be preferred. The designs are for both women and men. It can be thought of as a yoga glove and a pilates glove. It can also be used for a comfortable session in barre, megaformer, spin, TRX and many other sports.

Props Athletics around the world

Props fitness gloves are preferred by many athletes around the world thanks to their versatile convenience, performance support and elegance. Athletes from all walks of life use the gloves that support athletes in tennis, rowing, TRX, dance, crossfit and many other sports. It has a large user base, including well-known people like Shakira, Madonna, Khloe Kardashian and Kayla Itsines. This innovative performance-enhancing solution of Props is described as a useful accessory you didn't know you needed. It becomes easier and more enjoyable to do sports with the fitness accessory that those who start using it cannot give up.

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