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Pro Series Yoga Mat

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Pro Series Yoga Mat

Yoga is a practice that more and more people are becoming interested in. The aim of these practices, which have a deep-rooted history dating back to ancient times, is to maintain the balance between mind and body. His philosophy is too deep to be explained in a few sentences.

Yogis have been practicing yoga in nature, on natural surfaces since ancient times. The modern world man, on the other hand, does not have such a chance, or very little. Developed to practice comfortably in cities, yoga mats have the most important place among yoga accessories . These mats are produced in different sizes according to the needs. The materials used in production also differ. Today, many brands produce yoga mats. The quality of the Manduka brand, which stands out among these brands, has been approved worldwide. Manduka is a company that produces many yoga accessories, especially yoga mats. The PRO series in its collection surpasses all other mats with a world-famous feature. PRO series are guaranteed not to wear out if they are used for their intended purpose.

Features of PRO Mats

PRO, Manduka's best selling series, includes products in different sizes and thicknesses. Among these models, the PRO model of the series is the number one choice of yoga instructors all over the world.


The standard dimensions of the PRO mat are 180cm x 66cm in length and 6mm in thickness. These mats have a weight of 3.4 kg. The PRO series are produced in Manduka's sustainable production facilities in Germany without harming the environment. PVC used in production is a high density and superior quality material. It does not contain harmful chemicals and has the OEKO-TEX certificate documenting this. The product does not contain latex.

The brand's proprietary dotted texture is added to the surfaces of the PRO mats that come into contact with the ground in order to have a non-slip feature.

PRO mats have a sweat-proof structure. Thanks to these features, bacteria formation is not possible on the surface of the mat. It is easy to clean.

The more you use it, the more grip it gets. Therefore, the more you practice your mat, the more it will become compatible with you.

It offers superior cushioning with its 6mm thickness. Even on the hardest surfaces, you won't feel the presence of the ground underneath.

PRO mats are also available in 215cm length alternatives.


PROlite has all the technical features of the PRO model. The only differences between the two mats are the dimensions and weight. Prolite series, produced to the same standards, appeals to yogis in search of a lighter mat. The mats of this series have the dimensions of 180cm x 61cm. Their thickness is reduced to 4.7mm, but this detail does not affect the cushioning performance of the mat. Weight is 1.8 kg.

PRO Travel

PRO Travel has been produced for yoga enthusiasts who prefer Manduka's PRO quality but are looking for a much lighter and foldable product because they travel frequently. The production technology is exactly the same as the PRO mat. The Travel model can be fully folded to fit comfortably in the suitcase. Its dimensions are 180cm x 61cm. Its thickness is 2.5 mm and its weight is 1.09 kg.

Manduka Lifetime Warranty

With this feature, which distinguishes Manduka PRO series mats from all other mats, the brand has signed a first. Sustainable PRO mats produced from high quality PVC material are protected by the guarantee of not wearing out during their natural usage period.

To put it more simply, let's assume that you use your mat for its production purpose. However, after a while, you notice that your mat is frayed, broken, or peeling. Manduka takes this mat back and replaces it with a new one. All three models in the PRO series are produced under this warranty.

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