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By doing Pilates you can become more flexible, fitter, more dynamic, more balanced and stronger! Pilates is a fitness exercise method that focuses on the basic muscles that help the body to be balanced and support the spine. You can feel comfortable and free in plate clothes How about making plates in a much more enjoyable way with you? Then you can start to benefit from the privileges of the shopping site and get to know the pilates sport more closely.

Developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates in the early 20th century, this fitness exercise method has 6 basic principles:

  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Centering
  • Fluent Movement
  • Precision
  • Breath

Concentration principle focuses on the movements and pays attention to which muscles are working and which muscles are not working during the movement. Preferred during concentration women's pilates clothes It is very important. Pilates clothing models that will disturb your body will disrupt your concentration and prevent you from achieving the performance you want.

According to the control principle, all movements must be done carefully and with high awareness in order to prevent injuries and to exercise safely.

In the centering principle, the center; belly, waist and hip circumference. It facilitates movements by providing stretching and lengthening of the muscle systems holding the internal organs and spine. In the meantime, the fabrics used during the design of the pilates clothing materials you prefer should not hinder you in order to support your body and provide the necessary stretch.

According to the principle of fluent movement, the movements should be done one by one, at the required speed and without hesitation, so that the required effect can be achieved.

According to the principle of precision, movements must be performed in a specific way and precisely. Coordination is very important.

According to the principle of breathing, you should be comfortable while breathing and take deep breaths. The breath should be taken completely and the lungs should be completely emptied while exhaling. Thus, the blood is cleansed.

Pilates; First of all, it allows you to get to know your body. It is an ideal method to achieve a flexible, fit and healthy body. It strengthens your muscles in a controlled way, brings your fat ratio to the required level, helps you find your body balance and correct posture. Moreover, it is a very safe exercise method, as it greatly reduces the risk of injury. Thanks to its support for correct breathing, it makes you feel healthier and fitter. Pilates Clothing Brands

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First you need to get an exercise mat. You can find a pilates mat in the color you want and made of thick, non-slip material on the online shopping site where world-famous brands are featured. Flexible clothes are essential to be able to move comfortably while doing Pilates.

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