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The PE Nation brand emerged from the idea of ​​responding to the desire of women who prefer sportswear in their daily life to be stylish at the same time. Headquartered in Australia, PE Nation has been designing original sportswear favored by Hollywood celebrities since 2016. It is one of the most important details of the brand that the products have the character that will be suitable for leaving the gym and spending time in a classy place. The designs of the brand, which was born from the partnership of two Australian women in the fashion world, Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, reflect the unique styles of its founders, who are known for their success in the sector. The brand, which initially focused only on women's sportswear, now offers products for men as well.

Directing street fashion with its products that have a distinctive character thanks to their original details. PE Nation successfully combines comfort and elegance in every part of it. Equipped with technical features that can easily adapt to intense exercise programs, the sportswear collection also offers the opportunity to walk on the street in style by making great combinations. Among the people who admire the brand, which attracts great attention globally, there are world-famous names such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Jessica Alba.

Colorful geometric shapes, lines and iconic logo prints with large characters, and products that carry the spirit of the 90s, meet their users in exclusive shopping sites and stylish stores all over the world.

Technical Details of PE Nation Products

Special yarns are used in the production of PE Nation sportswear, which is designed to provide comfort and elegance as well as performance support.

Vita Power By Carvico

Offering sun protection factor 50+ in addition to its breathability and moisture wicking properties, this innovative fabric is woven from recycled nylon yarns in Italy. Econyl fabric, which has an opaque structure that provides perfect overlap, increases the performance quality by supporting the muscles.

Renew Prime By JL

Econyl fabric, which has all the features required for high-intensity training, is a performance product with all its details. The flexible, enveloping, breathing, ultra-thin structure of the fabric woven in Italy and its moisture-removing feature create a second skin feeling. You can use the products that will provide you with perfect support in all your workouts to feel comfortable in your daily life.

Recycled Shiny Polyester Fabric

Another sustainable product that offers high performance support, this fabric is woven with filament yarns obtained from recycling plastic bottles. The ultra-thin, enveloping and bidirectional stretch material is also breathable and moisture-wicking. In addition to being suitable for all levels of training, it gives you a stylish look with its shiny texture.

Recycled Matte Polyester Fabric

The environmentally friendly fabric woven with filament yarns produced from recycled pet bottles, such as glossy polyester, offers high performance support. You can use the products made of fabric suitable for cool climates, both during exercise and throughout the day.

Compression Warp Knit Fabric

The fabric with compression feature, produced in the warp knitting machine used in the production of performance fabrics, is the most popular choice of PE Nation in training series. You can easily do any level of exercise with the fabric that has all the features including high coverage, excellent flexibility, quick drying, breathability and support.

Apart from these, Supplex fabrics are used for products that provide flexibility while performing yoga movements, and Hamptons by Carvico and Spongy fabrics are used, which offer stylish options for daily comfort.

In addition to the recycled yarns used in its performance collection, PE Nation prefers environmentally friendly organic cotton yarns in its cotton products.

PE Nation Products in Stilefit's Showcase

Sports Tights

You have the chance to be comfortable and stylish at any time of the day with quality tights that stand out with their striking details in the product line of PE Nation that reflects street fashion trends. Take advantage of its flexibility during performance by wearing it to a gym, or elegantly pair it with your everyday outfits for dinner with friends. The brand's short and long tights and black tights, which are available in short sizes such as cycling tights, are "Squat Proof", that is, they do not show the inside. When you finish your sports session with technical tights that you can use while doing yoga or pilates, and for all cardio training in the gym or outside, you can put on your jacket and go to any friends meeting you want. It is very easy and fun to make different combinations with products bearing the classy logo of PE Nation.

Sports Bras

PE Nation sports bras stand out with their stylish designs and different patterns. Adorned with diagonal straps, stripe details, asymmetrical collars and color transitions, sports bras have alternatives for daily use and different performance levels.

Sports Jackets and Sweatshirts

PE Nation sports jackets and sweatshirts, designed with different details from the alternatives in the sports retail market, allow creating magnificent combination options with their unique characters. Unique and eye-catching options are waiting for you in the collection of the brand, which produces stylish options for women who do not want to wear what everyone has, colored with retro details.

Sports Bag

Bags with a retro character, as in the sportswear collection, offer ease of use with functional details. You will have everything you are looking for at your fingertips and you will look very cool with your different bag with the flamboyant retro logo of the brand.

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