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Shiny Tights

The most trendy part of 2019 and 2020 of women's leggings models that hug the body and provide a fit look. shiny tights models are waiting for you at The choice of women who want to make a difference with their style and elegance in the gym or outside, the brightly colored tights models come to the fore as the savior part of every season.

How to Combine Shiny Tights Receivables?

Combining with shiny tights, which is the trend of the last season, is easier than you think. Because in fashion, the harmony of the discord arising from the combination of colors is important. The main purpose of the combinations that women create by choosing the pieces that make them feel happy and comfortable is to reflect their souls! Reflect your colorful personality on your outfit, because your outfit reflects you! Another way to take the burden of daily city life and work stress off your shoulders is to have clothes in which you feel happy. That's why today we bring you the latest trend piece of fashion. shiny tights combinations We provide examples for

  • For a daily simplicity and elegant elegance, you can choose shiny tights in silver tones and complete your combination with white stone sneakers underneath and an earthy blouse or jacket on top.
  • For an evening cocktail or terrace party, you can choose brightly colored tights for a more feminine look and get a great look with heeled strap sandals underneath and a long blazer on top of a crop top blouse.
  • For a comfortable yet flashy combination for weekend breakfasts or a walk on the beach, sneakers with exaggerated details under a bright leggings in bright colors, basic long sweatshirts or t-shirts on top, sunglasses with thick frames and a large soft leather bag. you can look great.
  • For the concert in the evening, you can be one of the dazzling ones with high-waisted shiny black tights, cowboy boots underneath, or a crop top blouse with rhinestones or tulle details on thick heels.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Shiny Tights?

One of the things to consider when buying clothes from the Internet or in the store is the content of the fabric, the product detail. After examining the general details of the products that you can try immediately in the store, it is very important to look at the content on the inner label, considering the body health. Generally, shiny leggings models are made of 85 to 90 percent polyester and 15 to 10 percent elastane.

  • Elastane is a type of yarn that generally stretches and expands tights at a certain rate. Thanks to these threads, the body can easily perform sports movements and the tights can easily return to their former form without deteriorating.
  • Polyester, on the other hand, is a highly preferred fabric type in today's fashion. Since this fabric allows the application of many textile finishes that increase sports performance, it is highly preferred by the brands that shape sports fashion. While it can be used for sewing or covering clothes made from 100% polyester threads, it is also used by mixing with natural threads such as cotton. The most important feature of tights made of polyester fabric is their wrinkle-free structure and flexibility.
  • Women's shiny tights models It is mostly produced from polyester and elastane blend fabrics. In addition, Lycra fabric is one of the raw materials used. The flexible and shiny structure of the tights is achieved by using these three fabric types together.
  • It is recommended to wash bright colts with this fabric structure in the washing machine in 30 degrees water, by turning them inside out and with similar colors. Can be hand washed. It dries quickly without the need for color bleach or dryer.

Bright Tights Colors and Patterns

Our product portfolio, which includes classic colors such as black, white and burgundy, as well as patterned models such as camouflage and leopard, includes product options that can adapt to all kinds of tops. Thanks to its breathable fabric structure, technology that removes sweat from the skin and its smooth texture, it creates an ideal option for different sports activities. These unusual designs allow you to wear pieces that reflect your style and personality, even during sports.

On busy days when you want to look sporty or need to be constantly moving, this shiny tights You can get very stylish results by combining models with different tops. You can have a stylish look and a high level of comfort at the same time.

Shiny Tights Combinations and Models

Offered with various color, pattern and design options shiny tights models can be worn in the form of quite a variety of combinations by adapting to different clothing items. In addition to classic options in terms of color and design, we have a collection that is constantly renewed in accordance with the latest fashion trends. You can taste this comfort by choosing models that reflect your own style, and expand the boundaries of your fashion sense by trying different designs.

If you are looking for shiny tights that will complement your sports or daily stylish combinations, you can easily access hundreds of quality tights in the New Season or Clothing category on and enjoy safe shopping.

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