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Om Shanti Clothing

Om Shanti Clothing brand is based in Maimi and produces handcrafted yoga products. Although it is headquartered in Maimi, all processes including knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, marketing, distribution and design take place in the USA.

A world-renowned term, Om Shanti means peace for humanity and the universe, and the brand's logo dates back thousands of years in the original Sanskrit language for writing.

Since its inception, Om Shanti Clothing has succeeded in making a difference in the sector with its unique design and high quality environmentally friendly fabric features, which are woven by many peaceful people. The products produced under the Om Shanti Clothing brand are handmade and also environmentally friendly. Non-toxic inks are used in its products and water and energy conservation is ensured during the production of its fabrics.

Performance leggings have both anti-microbial treatment and moisture action. These features allow the perspiration occurring in the body to move to the surface of the fabric. Branded “Ultra Fresh” antimicrobial coating helps kill bacteria and other odors.

Om Shanti Clothing sports brand is a brand that has succeeded in adding privilege to the world of sportswear with healthy and useful models in the products it produces. At the same time, the brand goes beyond classical models and produces collections with prints that bring color to sports. Produced with cotton, odor-retardant and anti-bacterial fabrics Om Shanti Clothing You can add color to your style with our products.

Om Shanti Clothing

Om Shanti clothing company was founded with the idea of ​​producing active, colorful and modern yoga wear while stepping into the world of sportswear. In a prominent sportswear world, the brand accepts the need for entertainment, fashion and function and creates a series of special collections with designs that will enlarge the spirit of the sportswear world, especially pilates and yoga. Produced with modern, colorful and latest technology Om Shanti sports tights You can choose, the right address for online shopping, for models and more.

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