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Manduka Yoga Mat Towel

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Manduka Yoga Mat Towel

manduka yoga mat towel It is a performance product with superior qualities that you can use with all yoga mats. Towels absorbing the sweat and absorbing the sweat do not pass the liquid to the matte surface, so they provide grip and non-slip on all surfaces.

How to Use a Yoga Mat Towel?

You can use the towel on your yoga mat or directly on the floor. Thanks to the excellent grip created by Manduka, these towels have a higher grip than all similar products on the market. You can wash the mat towel, whose non-slip properties increase as it absorbs sweat, in the machine after your yoga session. The product provides you extra comfort with its soft texture. You can easily carry this practical and hygienic assistant with you on travels.

If you are someone who sweats more than normal, you can increase your comfort in your yoga sessions by using Manduka yoga mat towel. The yoga towel supports you by providing extra grip both in your yoga practices and other exercises you do on the mat. If you want your movements to be more controlled in your yoga sessions, a Manduka yoga mat towel will help you. The use of mat towels, which has an important place among the auxiliary accessories of the brand, is very practical.

Manduka Yoga Mat Towel Features

Manduka yoga mat towels have a variety of colors and patterns. The materials and dyes used during the production of the towels, which you will have difficulty in choosing, are compatible with human health. The products can be machine washed in accordance with the care instructions.

Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Sustainable Yogitoes Materials obtained from recycled plastic bottles are used in the production of mat towel. Soft and durable towels have a high ability to absorb liquid. Patented Skidless technology keeps the towel stable on the mat or on the floor. The towel clings to your mat or other surfaces with the help of the silicone particles on its bottom surface. You can do your practices comfortably without slipping.

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

If you have a slight sweating eQua yoga mat towel is for you. Wetting the towel slightly before using it increases the grip of the product and provides you with extra comfort. The soft Equa matte towel with a smooth texture gives a suede touch feeling to your skin.


While Yogitoes towels are produced from recycled PET bottles, the eQua series is also produced from recyclable synthetic performance fabric. The dyes used in the patterns and colors of the towels do not contain lead, AZO and heavy metals. The materials used to package the products are also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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