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Manduka Yoga Mat Bag

Manduka designed yoga mat bags with practical use to carry different sizes of yoga mats. With these very useful bags, you can easily take your mat with you when you go somewhere.


Manduka yoga mat bags, offered in three different models, are very stylish as well as being very functional. Which of us does not want to carry all our belongings and look good while going to yoga sessions?

73.7cm tall GoLight Ideal for small and medium yoga mats. You can carry your personal belongings such as keys, phones, money in the inner pocket. That way, you don't need to take any other bags with you. Go Light is the brand's best selling yoga mat bag. It is weather and water resistant. Standard size PRO, long and standard size PROlite have sizes suitable for eKO series, GRP series and starter series.

67cm long Breathe Easy It is a lightweight bag with a simple design. Thanks to the mesh fabric, it breathes easily. Thanks to the easy-to-open zipper system, you can easily place and remove your mat from the bag. The slim and stylish bag is available in three different colors. Suitable for carrying PROlite, PRO travel, standard size eKO mat, EKOlite, EKO Superlite and beginner yoga mats.

Large enough to hold even the largest Manduka yoga mat. Go Steady It has two large and useful interior compartments. Its ventilated compartment is suitable for carrying damp sports clothes. Since the bag has two wide sections, you can keep your belongings separate from each other and your damp clothes will not affect your other personal items. You can also carry your yoga accessories in your Go Steady bag. This product has the comfort of a separate gym bag. While carrying your belongings comfortably, you also look stylish with Manduka's design details.

The straps of all yoga mat bag models are individually adjustable.

The Breath Easy model can be hand washed with cold water. For the other two models, only stain-based spot cleaning is recommended.


Manduka manufactures all of its products in an environmentally friendly manner in facilities with high energy efficiency. Materials that cause minimal waste are used in the manufacture of Breathe Easy and the product is designed to last. Go Light and Go Steady models are made of OEKO-TEX certified polyester. OEKO-TEX is an environmental certificate given to products that do not contain components harmful to human health and the environment.

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