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Manduka Yoga Block


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Yoga blocks are one of the multi-purpose accessories in the world of yoga. Balancing your body weight during your yoga poses yoga blocks prevent the risk of injury. It allows you to stretch longer and farther. Yoga blocks that also help with alignment beginners They are very practical tools.

While doing yoga, your mind and body should be free from tension. These helpful little assistants will also help you do this. Your mind will be relaxed as they keep your body free of tension. For example, they allow your body to extend comfortably in a standing pose like triangle.

Using yoga blocks offers you great convenience during your yoga practices. Therefore, no matter what level you are, you will be more comfortable with yoga blocks.

Why Are Yoga Blocks Different Shapes and Sizes?

The reason why Manduka produces yoga blocks in different shapes and sizes is that people who practice yoga also have different physical characteristics. For this reason, there is a yoga block within the brand that has the shape and size to suit everyone.

If you are tall and have wide hands, the yoga block you choose should have a surface that fits your hand perfectly. On the contrary, if you are more petite and have small hands, you should prefer a smaller block.

Apart from the physical features, better balance is achieved with a large surface yoga block. A yoga block with a narrower surface is ideal if practicing in small spaces. Small yoga blocks will also be a better choice for yogis who move frequently and use different studios.


Manduka uses different materials in the production of yoga blocks in its collection. All of the yoga blocks are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. mushroom blocks They are produced from cork oak and do not contain any toxic chemicals. They have high holding ability. Its edges are rounded and support the joints.

Foam blocks are produced from recycled waste; are of high density. This extremely durable material is also slip resistant. Products made of EVA foam, at least half of which are supplied by waste treatment, are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What Makes Manduka Blocks Different From Others?

Three values ​​are at the forefront of Manduka's production: high quality, durability and innovation. Therefore, all of their products are different from their competitors in the market.

All of the yoga blocks are produced from sustainable materials.

All equipment is tested and certified in a studio environment.

Mushroom blocks are different from their counterparts on the market. They last a long time. They do not wear out in a short time like others.

with high density foam blocks they stay in place. In addition, they are not crushed, they do not lose their color. Other foam blocks show signs of wear after a few uses.

The usage areas of yoga blocks are unlimited. You can include these little helpers that add color to your practices in your yoga sessions as you wish.

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