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Manduka Travel Mat

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Manduka Travel Mat

Manduka is for you to practice yoga on your own yoga mat while traveling. Travel Mat produced the series. You can take your yoga mat wherever you go with the travel series that is lighter, thinner, yet comfortable and durable.

Travel mats are included in the brand's world-famous PRO series and environmentally friendly eKO series made of natural rubber. Designed with travel comfort in mind, the mats are produced thinner and lighter than the original mats of the series.

Features of the Travel Mat Collection

added to the eKO series Superlite Travel It weighs only 1 kg and can be carried easily. 1.5mm thickness allows it to be folded easily. You can practically put your folding yoga mat in your suitcase. It takes up little space and does not increase the weight of your suitcase. Its thin structure does not affect its grip, you can use it comfortably on all surfaces.

The half-lightened version of the Manduka PRO yoga mat, which is the most preferred by all yogis in the world. PRO Travel It weighs 1.09 kg. It can be folded easily thanks to its 2.5mm thickness. Thinner than standard PRO matte but same density. Therefore, PRO Travel retains its cushioning. The grip of the PRO series increases as you use it. Therefore, the more you use your mat, the more you get used to it. Over time, your mat, which becomes more compatible with your body, becomes an indispensable sports item.

The specially textured surfaces of both travel mats provide superior grip during yoga practices. They are resistant to stretching and tearing.

If you are a person who sweats heavily or if you attend Hot Yoga sessions frequently, it is recommended to use the mats in the Travel series with a yoga towel. Yoga towels are very practical aids. No matter how much you sweat during your yoga session, it absorbs the liquid and prevents it from reaching the surface of your mat. This prevents your hands and feet from slipping. Your performance continues uninterrupted. You can easily make all the pose transitions on the mat.

Maintenance Advice

Manduka produces special cleaning solutions for the care of mats. It is recommended that you use them first. If you do not have a Manduka yoga mat solution on hand, it is recommended that you only clean your mat according to the care instructions. The maintenance of PRO Travel is a little more effortless than eKO Travel.

Cleaning the eKO series mats made of natural rubber with care products compatible with rubber is important to increase the performance and lifetime of the product. While the PRO series offers a lifetime guarantee, the eKO series mats will wear and tear over time due to its naturalness. For this reason, it is important to perform routine maintenance more frequently and gently.


Manduka is one of the brands that has adopted the concept of sustainability well. Energy efficiency is at the forefront in all of its production facilities and it produces its products in harmony with nature and human health. PRO Travel series is produced from high quality PVC and has OEKO-TEX certificate. OEKO-TEX is an environmental certificate given to products that do not contain components harmful to human health and the environment. Since the PRO series also offers a lifetime guarantee, it takes a long time to return to nature as a waste, and in this respect, it has a sustainable feature.

The eKO series, on the other hand, is produced from sustainably harvested rubber from trees grown outside of the Amazon. No toxic chemicals used in the processing of other rubber mats are included during production. No chemical treatment is applied to soften the rubber. eKO series mats provide high performance and are environmentally friendly.

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