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Manduka Prolite


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Manduka PROlite It can be described as a slightly thinner and lighter version of the brand's legendary PRO series. With a thickness of 4.7mm, the PROlite It carries all the features of PRO. At 1.8 kg the PROlite is almost half as light as the PRO. This weight reaches 2kg in the 200cm tall model. Being easily portable is advantageous for yogis who practice frequently in different studios. The lifetime warranty of the PRO series also includes PROlite mats. The mats produced in Germany have world-renowned environmental certificates called OEKO-TEX.

PROlite with Technical Features

Patented dots with strong adhesion fix the PROlite mat to the floor. The mat, which easily clings to surfaces such as carpet, concrete or parquet, does not slip and does not allow your practices to be interrupted. It helps improve your performance.

Its specially textured upper surface prevents you from slipping on the mat during yoga practices. You can make your movements uninterrupted without worrying about slipping.

The closed-cell yoga mat keeps sweat out and prevents bacterial growth to a large extent. In this way, bad odors are also prevented. Cleaning the mat is very simple. Manduka produces special solutions with natural ingredients for cleaning yoga mats. You can safely clean your mat with one of these solutions. Do not expose the mat to direct sunlight and do not soak in water.

The dense texture of the mat provides superior cushioning. This feature, which provides extra protection for your joints, is one of the prominent quality elements of the Manduka brand.

The grip performance of Manduka PROlite increases as you use the mat. Therefore, mat adapts to your body over time and becomes one of your indispensable items.

of the PRO series Its closed-cell structured surface may become slippery during sessions with intense sweating. For this reason, it is recommended to use your mat with a yoga towel if you generally sweat a lot or prefer intense sessions too much. The yoga towel will absorb the sweat and prevent the liquid from passing to the surface of the mat, thus helping you to perform uninterrupted.

PROlite yoga mats are latex-free.

The product is available in different color options.

Since PROlite mats are handmade, there may be slight variations in size.


Prolite series produced by Manduka from high quality PVC are OEKO-TEX certified and no chemicals harmful to human health are used in their production. In addition, no toxic emissions were released to the environment during production.

The PRO series is designed to last for many years, so it can be used for years without becoming waste. In addition to production standards, it also supports nature in this respect.

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