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Manduka Pro Travel Mat

World-famous Manduka PRO PRO Travel, the lightweight version of the yoga mat, is designed for those who want to carry PRO quality with them on travels. Weighing only 1.09 kg, you can easily fold the mat and take it wherever you go.

Features of PRO Travel Mat

Like all mats in the PRO series, Travel has a closed cell structure. In this way, it prevents the formation of bacteria and bad odor by keeping sweat out. It is convenient to clean. Developed exclusively by Manduka yoga mat cleaning solution You can ensure the hygiene of your mat with

Patented dots placed on the surface of the mat in contact with the floor provide superior grip and ensure that your mat remains stable on the floor. The special textured material on the upper surface allows you to practice in a balanced way without slipping.

It preserves its dense texture with its 2,5mm thickness. PRO Travel has excellent cushioning. The mat offers you a comfortable experience while safely protecting your joints during your yoga sessions.

It is designed not to be worn, worn or faded during yoga practices. If your product, which is protected under lifetime warranty, is damaged before expected under warranty, Manduka will replace it with a new one.

The grip of the PRO series increases in parallel with the frequency of use. Therefore, the more you use your mat, the higher grip it will give you. The mat, which will adapt well to your body over time, will become your sports item that you cannot stay apart from.

The product is 100% latex free.

If you are a person who sweats a lot, you may experience slipping problems on the closed cell surface. This surface structure, which prevents the formation of bacteria and ensures a long life of the mat, does not absorb the liquid. For this reason, it loses its anti-slip feature in case of intense liquid contact. It is possible to solve this problem simply. You can prevent the surface of the mat from becoming slippery by using yoga mat towels that absorb liquid.


Manduka manufactures all its products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. PRO Travel is OEKO-TEX certified and does not contain chemicals harmful to human health. The brand guarantees that no harmful emissions are released to the environment during the production of the yoga mat.

OEKO-TEX is an environmental certificate given to products produced with materials that do not contain substances harmful to the environment and human health in their components. It has worldwide accepted validity. All of the products in the Manduka PRO series carry this certificate.

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