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Manduka Pro Series


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of manduka The PRO series is the superior series, including the famous PRO mat, which made the brand known worldwide. With the addition of two alternative products to the basic PRO mat, which stands out with its 6 mm thickness, the series has acted to meet different needs. PROlite and PRO Travel While preserving the superior technical features of the PRO with its models, the demands of those who are looking for a thinner and lighter mat are met.

Highlights of PRO Series Mats

Manduka PRO series offers unique cushioning with its dense texture. The cushioning feature of the series is also available in three mats with different thicknesses. Basis The 6mm thickness of the PRO is the model that makes the impact of the floor feel the least. In addition, you can feel the comfort of cushioning on the 2.5mm thick PRO Travel mat. This dense surface structure, which protects your joints safely, allows you to do your yoga poses comfortably.

PRO mats have a closed cell structure. Thanks to this structure, sweat cannot penetrate into the mat. Therefore, the risk of bacteria and bad odor formation is eliminated.

Thanks to the proprietary dots on their lower surfaces, PRO series mats hold onto the floor and do not slip during practice. You can comfortably practice yoga without losing your balance.

As PRO mats are used, they adapt to your body and their performance increases. The more you use a PRO mat, the more grip it gets. For this reason, your mat will catch up with you in time.

PRO series mats lifetime warranty available. It is stated in this guarantee that they will not wear, fade or tear due to yoga practices. Manduka will replace your product with a new one if wear meets the lifetime warranty conditions.

PRO mats have superior grip. However, the closed cell structure of the mat can become slippery in the face of dense liquid. To prevent this, if you are anatomically very sweaty, it is recommended to use a yoga mat towel on the surface of the mat. The yoga mat towel will absorb intense sweat, preventing it from getting on the mat and eliminating the risk of slipping.

PRO series mats are 100% latex-free.

You can clean and remove closed-cell mats, which are extremely easy to clean, with Manduka's special yoga mat cleaning solutions.


Manduka manufactures its products within the framework of sustainability. During production, no toxic emissions that will harm the environment are released. The products in the PRO series are produced with materials that are compatible with human health and the environment and have the OEKO-TEX certificate that guarantees this.

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