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Manduka Pro Matte

Thanks to its superior features, PRO mat is among the most preferred yoga mats in the world. The cushioning feature provided by its dense 6mm thick structure is one of the outstanding features of the mat. The unique durability of the mat is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Why Manduka PRO?

manduka The dense structure of the PRO makes it more comfortable to practice on the mat. When you are on the mat, you do not feel the effect of the floor on your joints and spine.

Its closed cell structure keeps the liquid out. In this way, no matter how much you sweat during your practice, the liquid cannot get into the mat. Thanks to this very important detail, the risk of bacteria and odor formation, which is one of the biggest problems of many yoga mats, is almost eliminated on PRO mats.

Offered with a lifetime guarantee, Manduka PRO yoga mats are designed to stay with you for many years without wearing out, peeling or tearing. In accordance with the principle of the brand, if a deterioration occurs within the warranty conditions, the product is replaced with a new one.

Patented dots on the bottom surface of the mat, which ensure a firm hold on the floor, fix the mat and prevent it from slipping. In this way, you can complete your yoga sessions without any balance problems. The special structure on its upper surface allows you to seamlessly transition between positions while on the mat. Manduka PRO is a complete performance product. However, the liquid-proof surface of the mat can become slippery when faced with excessive sweat. It is possible to avoid this problem in a simple way. If you are a person who sweats a lot, or if you use your mat frequently in Hot Yoga sessions, a yoga mat towel will come in handy. Yoga mat towels are auxiliary accessories designed to absorb sweat and keep it away from the surface of the mat. You can use your PRO mat more comfortably with yoga mat towels.

Cleaning the PRO mat is very practical. Manduka's special with yoga mat cleaning solutions You can easily clean your mat. Avoid using cleaning products that will abrade the mat's surface.


Manduka's PRO series, which produces all its products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, is OEKO-TEX certified. OEKO-TEX is a globally recognized certificate given to products that do not contain any chemicals harmful to human health and the environment. In addition, no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere during the production of the PRO series.

Offered with a lifetime warranty, PRO mats take a long time to turn into waste because they are strong and durable. These features are also sustainable.

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