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eKO Lite, which is included in Manduka's eco-friendly eKO series made from natural rubber, has a thickness of 4 mm. Superior cushioning of the basic eKO mat Also available in eKO Lite. Your eco-friendly mat protects both nature and your joints. eKO lite is a lightened and refined version of the original model in the eKO series, designed for environmental yogis.

What Features Does eKO Lite Have?

The natural surface of the mat is slightly sticky and thus prevents you from slipping during your yoga practices. It offers a comfortable yoga experience with its 4 mm thickness.

Thanks to its special structure that clings to the surface, your mat does not slip from under you while you practice, and it remains stable on the floor.

It has been tested in the laboratory to be tough and durable than all natural rubber mats on the market. Since it is a natural product, it will wear out over time, but the eKO series will have the highest strength compared to other rubber mats.

The product components are 99% latex-free.

eKO lite has been developed as a result of 4 years of work by yoga instructors.

Since the mat is made of natural rubber, the mat should be serviced more frequently when used in very hot climates. The heat can cause the mat to dry out and lose its elasticity. For this reason, the mat should be stored properly, cleaned with products compatible with rubber and never left in the sun.

The natural nature of eKO mats makes them more sensitive than synthetic mats. Therefore, it is more robust and durable for very intense yoga sessions. Manduka PRO You can choose a mat from the series.

All of the mats in the eKO series are made of rubber harvested from trees growing outside the Amazon forest. This feature of eco-friendly mats continues even when their useful life is over. Recyclable and biodegradable mats are environmentally friendly in every aspect.

The surfaces of the mats, which offer superior grip, have a closed-cell structure. While this structure keeps the liquid out and prevents it from entering the mat, it becomes slippery if it encounters dense liquid. If you are sweaty a lot, you can use a yoga mat towel to increase the performance and life of your mat. The yoga mat towel will absorb sweat and prevent the mat's surface from becoming slippery.

Do not machine wash or vacuum eKO Lite. You can use Manduka's special natural cleaning solution to clean the mat.


Made of natural rubber, eKO Lite is completely degradable in nature. No toxic chemicals are included in the production process. No component has been added to the product to increase the flexibility of the rubber. Made from sustainably harvested rubber from trees located outside the Amazon, eKOlite is a natural and environmentally friendly mat.

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