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Manduka Eco Series


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Manduka manufactures all of its products in an environmentally friendly manner. ECO series on the other hand, it is the most environmentally friendly product in the brand's collection. Made from sustainably harvested rubber from trees growing outside the Amazon forest, natural mats are eco-friendly. If you want to touch a completely natural surface during your practices and at the same time help protect nature, this series is for you.

There are three different models in this series, which is one of the best selling series of the brand: eKO, ECO Lite and ECO SL Travel. eKO is the basic mat of the series and has a thickness of 5 mm. The mat, which has a standard length of 180 cm, is also available in a long version of 200 cm. The 4 mm thick Lite mat also has alternatives in the same size. SL Travel, which is designed for travels, is 1.5 mm thick and fits easily in your suitcase thanks to its foldable feature, it can travel anywhere with you as it is only 1 kg.

All of the mats in the series are handmade. Therefore, the pattern of each may differ from each other.

This series is the next generation of green yoga mats.

Features of Mats

There are no chemicals harmful to the environment and human health in the components of the mats. You can feel Manduka's superior cushioning on the 5 mm thick yoga mat.

Thanks to the slightly sticky structure of its surface, you do not slip even in your most intense sessions and you maintain your balance.

It was developed by yoga teachers as a result of 4 years of studies.

99% latex free.

The mats in this series are stronger and more durable than all other mats made of natural rubber. However, the mats in this group do not have a lifetime guarantee like the PRO series. Natural material will wear and tear over time. Products compatible with rubber should be preferred for cleaning and maintenance of the mat. The mat should not be left exposed to direct sunlight.

It is recommended not to use the mats of this natural series, which are more sensitive than other mats made of synthetic materials, for Ashtanga or intense Vinyasa practices. For these two types of yoga, you can choose a model from the PRO series, which is more robust and durable.

If you are using a product from the eKO series in a hot climate, you must regularly care for the mat to maintain its performance.

You can use the mats, which provide superior grip thanks to their surface texture, together with a yoga towel for a longer life. The yoga towel will absorb sweat and prevent the liquid from coming into contact with the surface of the mat, thus ensuring that your practices are more balanced.


Made of natural rubber tree, the eKO series is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. No toxic substances are used in the production process of the yoga mat. No chemical material has been added to the components of the products to increase their flexibility.

The trees used in the production of the series made of natural rubber grow outside the Amazon forests. Rubber is harvested sustainably.

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