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Lurv Sportswear

L'urv Sportswear is a boutique women's sports brand designed in Melbourne, made of superior fabrics and quality materials, appealing to unique and active individuals. The brand attaches importance to both functionality and fashion in the products it produces. At the same time, it offers its models and collections to sports lovers, taking into account the performance criteria.

Lurv Sportwear sports brand, with its designs and contemporary colors, allows you to be noticed directly in the crowd whether you are in the gym or on the street. Inspired by nature and colors, L'urv Sportswear inspires a positive life by making you always feel alive with the models it produces.

Brand; With the colorful, positive and daring sportswear collections it offers, it cares about your health as well as it thinks about your elegance. Lurv, which stands out with its technology that allows you to do more healthy sports by removing moisture from the body, allows you to exercise without losing your cool.

You can reach the models of the brand, which is designed especially for sporty fashion designers, goes out of the ordinary and changes the habit of sportswear, creating much more modern, stylish and extraordinary models on

Lurv sportswear brand; It brings originality and vitality to your active wardrobe with its fun, feminine, bright model and product range. This gorgeous Australian sports brand offers premium selection with pioneering manufacturing, special edition offerings and fashion items.

What are Lurv Sportwear Products?

  • Leggings,
  • Sports Bra,
  • Shorts,
  • T-shirt

You can have all Lurv Sportwear tights , sports bras, shorts and t-shirt models from, the right address for online shopping.

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