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Working as a fitness instructor in Brisbane Australia Lorna Jane Clarkson started sewing sportswear for himself 28 years ago. This adventure, which started as a hobby because there are not enough motivating sportswear in the market, turns into a journey of establishing a brand as a result of the intense appreciation and demand from the students who attend their classes.

The Lorna Jane brand, which was founded as a result of an amateur style search, did not become a new player in the active wear market; actually founded the active wear market! Designing active wear collections only for women, the brand believes that women will look at sports from a different perspective thanks to their sportswear styles.

Lorna Jane brand, which adopts the principle of launching new collections between 70 and 100 styles every month, has more than 250 stores in Australia and the United States. It offers its collections to women through showrooms and leading retail outlets in many countries including Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, China and South Africa. The brand, which is only offered for sale on in Turkey, continues to inspire Turkish women about active life.

Lorna Jane Sports Bra Models

Combining fashion trends with functionality, the pieces in the Lorna Jane Activewear collection move with you no matter what sports activity you do.

Lorna Jane sports bra models offer comfort and breathability along with maximum support.

Lorna Jane Tights Models

Lorna Jane tights models are designed using different fabrics and styles. With the variety and production quality offered, the brand managed to rank first among the tights models most preferred by women in the world.

Patented LJ Excel TM fabric technology was developed as a result of 28 years of R&D work. This high-tech fabric, which has more active features than many fabrics on the market, is used in the most premium pieces offered by the Lorna Jane brand.

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