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Known around the world for premium fitness apparel, the Lole brand was founded in 2002 in Montreal, Canada. Adopting a good and healthy life as a lifestyle, the brand aims to inspire women to take part in every aspect of life and to make the world more livable.

Lole created a lifestyle by bringing sportswear out of the gyms to the streets. In the fitness, lifestyle (daily), outerwear, swimming and yoga collections created on a seasonal basis, feminine designs meet with high-performance fabric technologies and are produced with limited production techniques. In fact, the sports brand, which acts with a simple concept, takes care to add meaning to everything it does and every product it produces.

Lole Women collection, which offers women who love movement, indoor and outdoor sportswear products that they can use comfortably while running, traveling, doing yoga, without sacrificing their style, is on

Lole Women Product Range

  • sports tights,
  • sports bra,
  • Sweatshirt,
  • sports t-shirt and
  • sports athlete

Lole sportswear brand, aiming for effortless elegance at every hour of the day, is a brand that moves with you and cares about your comfort as much as it is stylish, thanks to the fabrics it uses and the designs in details. Offering both stylish and comfortable sports leggings, sports bras, sweatshirts, sports t-shirts and sports athlete models, the brand is among the indispensables of sports lovers. The brand, which is famous for its lole yellow yoga mats, completes your sports wardrobe with accessories such as yoga mat bag, yoga towel, and Lily Tote Bag.

The premium collection of the brand, White by Lole Women, represents the serenity of the brand's Lole White Tour held in many capitals around the world. It is possible to see reflections from world-famous yoga teachers such as Elena Brower in this collection, which was created using very special and sensitive technical fabrics.

In her feminine and functional designs, there is a constant search for healthy living, balanced city life, love of nature and physical movement. Inspired by the urban and modern women we see around us, the active wear brand creates versatile, creative and fashion-leading pieces in its collections that look just as stylish on the street as they do in the sports studio.

Collaborating with many world-renowned health ambassadors and fitness trainers, Lole Women sports store continues to organize workshops and sports organizations that reflect its founding values ​​and invite everyone to go out and live an active life.

The brand, which has 46 Lole stores around the world, is offered for sale at a total of 1,600 points. You can buy Lole sports collections, which are only offered for sale on in Turkey, online with 100% security and take advantage of easy and free returns.

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