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Liforme Yoga Mat


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The emergence of “Why not?” Based on the question, Liforme Yoga Mat is a revolution created by its founder by working with yogis he met in various parts of the world, based on his own experiences. Although there are many features that distinguish the superior yoga mat, which was developed as a result of long and detailed research that took about five years, from other mats, the most important detail that immediately brings the Liforme brand to mind is the patented “AlignForMe” system. Liforme Mats, which surpass traditional yoga mats with their unique features, are known and used by yogis in over 85 countries all over the world. The reason why it is so famous is the privileges and advantages it provides to its users with its technical features and innovative details.

AlignForMe System: Guiding Gridlines

Patented alignment lines, designed to easily perform yoga postures without errors, provide two-way support: While helping yoga students to maintain correct posture, it also offers instructors the opportunity to follow their students more easily. Whether you are in a yoga studio or at home, the lines on the Liforme yoga mat will guide you while practicing yoga.

Clever markings revolutionizing the world of yoga mats allow for error-free practice of certain asanas and avoid confusion during practice. No matter what level you are, yoga sessions become simpler with the Liforme AlignForMe system . Since the guide lines that show you exactly where to put your hands and feet guide you correctly, the risk of doing the movements incorrectly and hurting a place is minimized. So much so that during a misaligned posture, all of the body weight can be loaded onto a muscle, causing serious injuries. The AlignForMe system exactly avoids these risks and makes the yoga experience safer. With the vertical line passing through the middle of the mat and the Lotus flower in the center, your asana transitions are equalized. Very useful alignment marks allow you to progress faster in your yoga practice. Even yoga students, who are reluctant to complex poses, do not restrict their practice by progressing more easily thanks to smart lines.

Liforme GripForMe: Excellent Grip

One of the most common setbacks on the yoga mat during yoga practice is slipping of the hands and feet. Generally, if the surface of the mats is too dry, or if the mat has been wet from the moisture of perspiration during practice, it may become slippery when switching between positions. Another innovative step of Liforme mats is GripForMe technology, which filters and traps moisture. This technology provides the yoga mat with excellent grip and makes it possible to perform postures without any problems. The balance problem due to slipping in asana transitions and the risks of accidents that may occur due to this are prevented. With its GripForMe surface texture that allows you to do comfortable and safe yoga classes, Liforme is the yoga mat with the highest grip ability. You can easily practice downward facing dog, Warrior, Pyramid and similar yoga poses without slipping problems.

Extra Comfort Brought by Unique Dimensions

Liforme yoga mat differs from other yoga mats with its dimensions. The non-slip yoga mat has unique dimensions, with a width of 68 cm and a length of 185 cm, which offers more comfortable movement. Thanks to the superior cushioning feature of the mat, which is approximately 4.2 millimeters thick, you will not feel the hard impact of the floor on your joints, and this detail allows you to practice yoga more comfortably. The Liforme mat, which is wider, longer and thicker than the mats produced in standard specifications, weighs only 2.5 kilograms. (Specified dimensions differ for Liforme Travel Mat and Liforme Yoga Pad .)

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Material

Liforme mats, all of which are biodegradable, do not contain PVC. Eco-friendly mats, which do not contain toxins in their components, consist of a combination of natural rubber material and eco-polyurethane. It does not pose a risk to human health. While joining the materials, the thermal bonding method applied with high heat was used instead of chemical adhesives. Toxin-free, eco-friendly ecological paints are used in the printing and surface coloring of the series, which are produced in different colors and patterns. Liforme Yoga Mat, which you can safely choose for both the environment and the body, completely decomposes within 1-5 years under normal natural conditions.

Free Yoga Mat Bag

If we try to summarize the features that distinguish Liforme Yoga Mat from traditional mats in one sentence; In addition to the patented alignment system and strong grip ability, we can say that it is the best yoga mat with the freedom of movement offered by the unique dimensions and also the nature-friendly production material compatible with human health. Moreover, this exclusive yoga mat comes with a free yoga bag. When you buy a Liforme Yoga Mat, you get the yoga bag, which is usually sold separately from the mats for an extra fee, free of charge . Enjoy your yoga bag, which allows you to easily carry your mat and store it comfortably at home, and of course, the unique Liforme Mat!

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