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Running is one of the cardiovascular exercises. When you run, you work many muscle groups in your body at the same time. Running strengthens your muscles and keeps you at a healthy weight and shape. You'll burn more calories when you regularly perform this beneficial exercise at a certain rhythm. The oxygen level in your blood increases, making more use of your body's heart, lungs and muscles. For running, you can choose open areas or indoor sports complexes. So how should you dress for running?

How Should You Dress While Running?

There are clothes designed specifically for many sports. These sportswear are made from performance fabrics and have features to adapt to their movements. In contrast to tight tights suitable for running, comfortable models that will stretch with your body are ideal for yoga. The same applies to shoes. For example, the sole and lacing systems of basketball shoes produced to be worn on parquet floors and fitness shoes produced to be worn on the floors of gyms are different.

Clothes made of special performance fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from the body and improve blood circulation with its pressure feature are suitable for running. If you're into running, running shorts, breathable T-shirts, high-support sports bras, running shoes, and running tights are some of the must-have garments. These clothes give you performance support. It does not restrict your movements.

What are the Features of Running Tights?

The tights specially designed for running are produced from performance fabrics. These fabrics are mainly produced from polyester yarns. Fabrics made of polyester yarn are lightweight, durable and wick sweat away from the body. It dries very quickly after you put it in the liquid. These fabrics stretch without streaking. It has versatile stretching abilities and returns to its original form in a short time. For this reason, it is the most preferred fabric type for products in athletic collections.

There are many different designs in the collections of world famous sportswear brands. Three different waist lengths and different leg lengths worked on the models offer free choice. High waist designs hug the body and won't bother you when you run. You can use the sports bra alone on these models. You can also make good combinations with crop t-shirts. If high waist is not comfortable for you, you can choose mid-rise waistbands. You can choose full length, ankle length, capri length and short length.

Many of the famous sportswear brands have patented technological fabrics. They design running and other performance products with these fabrics. The fabrics used for the running series generally have four-way stretching capability. It is subjected to the transparency test and is designed in such a way that it does not show through. Models with the added compression feature apply gradual pressure to the legs and provide performance support.

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