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Koral Lustrous Tights


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Sports tights are garments that provide comfort at any time of the day. The Lustrous tights series of the Koral brand offers an eye-catching elegance along with comfort. The brand's famous shiny tights series are the choice of women who want to look attractive while doing sports. If you want to highlight your style in a bright way, you should choose one of these models.

What is Koral Lustrous Tights Series?

Lustrous Tights are stylish performance tights models with bright tights of the Koral brand. While the special fabric used makes the body look elegant and cool, it provides performance support thanks to its technological features.

These tights, which you can find in different patterns and colors, are also available in pregnant models. If you want to maintain your elegance while waiting for your baby, you can achieve this with specially designed maternity tights in the Koral Lustrous collection . Lustrous Maternity tights support you comfortably throughout your pregnancy and at the same time keep you in style.

Koral is a luxury sportswear brand founded in Brazil in 2014 by fashion designer Ilana Kuger. The products in his collection are both performance-oriented and reflect fashion trends. Koral's patented special fabric Infinity is used in many products in the performance collection, while the Lustrous series is designed with this fabric.

Infinity Fabric Technology

Infinity, which has an impressive appearance with its eye-catching shine that does not show through, wraps your skin with the feeling of a second skin. The fabric combined with the flexible Lycra technology is light and soft. It supports you perfectly while doing sports. While prioritizing your comfort, the enchanting shine of the fabric allows you to highlight your style. Infinity's premium quality makes it chlorine resistant. Colors do not fade and the shape of the fabric does not deteriorate.

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