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Born and raised in Brazil, fashion designer Ilana Kugel comes to Los Angeles in 2006. Influenced by the city's health-oriented atmosphere, Kugel makes it a priority to balance working and producing as a lifestyle and living a healthy life. However, when she wants to shop for sports, she encounters the reality of sports leggings models that do not fit well or sports bras that are neither stylish nor feminine. The steps of the Koral brand are also taken with this fact.

Having gained experience with the structure of the female body while designing swimwear, the fashion designer decides to create a sportswear collection that blends fashion, sports and anatomy. Thus, in 2014, the Koral Activewear brand launches its first sportswear collection that highlights feminine and women's lines by using patented high-tech fabrics.

The brand, which opposes women's choice and feeling that they have to be this or that, produces fashion-leading sportswear that will make women feel, show and live the best they can be.

Properties of the Fabric Used in Koral Sports Wear Products

Three different fabric technologies are used in the collections of the brand: Eternal, Evanesce and Koral Infinity.

The common feature of these three fabric technologies is that they are resistant to lint, chlorine, bleaching and fading. In addition, thanks to its H20 feature, it not only removes sweat from the skin, but also allows you to swim in the ocean if you wish.

Compression Evanesce fabric technology increases your freedom of movement, provides more oxygen to be transferred to actively used muscles during sports, reduces lactic acid formation and minimizes muscle fatigue.

The Coral Infinity fabric used in the brand's most admired and sold style Lustrous Legging sports tights contains LYCRA® Xtra Life, LYCRA® Sport and LYCRA® beauty. Thanks to this mixture, while the body lines are tightly wrapped and recovered, comfort is not compromised.

Making a difference with its designs and fabric technologies that shape body lines, Koral sportswear collection is offered for sale on with advantageous prices and online shopping convenience.

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