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Wearable Support Products

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Wearable Support Products

Wearable Support Products

Wearable support products are functional aids that make movements more comfortable. They support the treatment of existing ailments. They are designed to relieve pain in the area they appeal to. They make that part of your body stronger and more comfortable during movement. There are different models you can use for your joints, legs, arms and feet.

Foot Support

Products in this category include specially woven socks for diabetics, bunion support , calf support protectors and performance support socks.

Bunion or hallux valgus is a disorder that occurs in the big toe. This problem, which is usually hereditary, is triggered by the wrong choice of shoes and can be seen in the majority of women in later ages. Although the treatment is only possible surgically, it is possible to relieve it with support products. The bunion support, which prevents the fingers from rubbing, relieves the pain in the foot bone. The structure of the product is such that you can wear it with all your shoes and open sandals.

Diabetes socks specially designed for the foot problems of diabetics relieves edema in the feet. It prevents sweating and sweat-related bacteria formation. The compression levels it applies from different areas improve blood flow in the area and relax the feet.

Calf protectors are used to support the treatment of problems such as runner's leg, joint disorders, leg pain. You can wear these products, which provide performance support, during the day and at bedtime. Thanks to its slim design, it can be easily worn under all clothes. Performance socks also provide support for the treatment of joint problems similar to calf protectors. Thanks to its gradual compression feature applied from five different areas, it improves blood circulation in your feet and legs. Increases performance while doing sports.

Knee Support

You can use knee protectors, which support the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, runner's knee, and iliotibial band syndrome, both while doing sports and in your daily life.

Arm, Wrist, Elbow Support

They are products that you can use to support the treatment of diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, wrist pain and swelling, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow. Wrist protector, elbow protector and arm support products are available here. Each product applies a level of compression appropriate to the anatomy of the area they support. In this way, it reduces edema in the area and relieves pain. All of the support products both increase performance during sports and relieve problem areas during the day. They are products with a design that you can easily use with all your clothes.

Orthopedic Insoles

Orthopedic insoles are miraculous products that provide the same comfort for all shoes. You can use special insoles that you can shape according to your feet by following a few simple steps with all your shoes. They are easily removable and put on and adapt to even the narrowest shoes. Four-layer orthopedic insoles support the arch of the feet, provide cushioning and allow the feet to breathe. You can feel the comfort of orthopedic insoles in all your shoes. These products also allow you to walk more balanced.

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