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Fitness Gloves

We often use our hands while doing sports. Our hands are the center of movement, especially when working with equipment in gyms. If we have a structure that sweats frequently, our hands sweat too and the object, tool or mat we hold will slip from our hands. It is possible to practically prevent this situation, which can cause serious injuries. This is where the fitness glove comes into play and prevents the hands from slipping.

If you sweat frequently, you can use these practical aids that prevent your hands from slipping and make your training more comfortable. Imagine that you grasp all the tools you touch with your hand in the gym with gloves. While the gloves allow you to fix your hands on the object you are holding, your training safety will be at the highest level. You can use this product not only while training in fitness centers, but also on a yoga mat or playing tennis and similar activities. It prevents the tennis racket from slipping. It allows you to move more comfortably on the yoga mat. These little helpers are at the forefront of fitness clothing with their functionality.

Features of Fitness Gloves

Fitness gloves, which prevent injuries that may occur due to sweaty hands during movement, have different features. Basically, the main feature of all of them is to increase the grip ability of the hands. In addition, they prevent the formation of calluses on the palms as they prevent friction by wrapping the hands. In addition, since it creates a protective barrier between the tools you come into contact with with your hands, it restricts the transmission of bacteria.

This functional fitness accessory improves the training experience not only for professional athletes, but for those who play sports of all levels. Gloves with a close-fitting structure are mainly produced from Coolmax yarn. Products made from Coolmax yarn have a very quick drying feature. This material also provides breathable structure to the product. The lengths and finger structures of fitness gloves, which have different varieties, vary from model to model. Models made with the half finger system fit exactly where the fingers start. It frees your fingers while protecting your hands. In this way, you can move easily.

In addition to products woven from special yarns that provide performance support, you can also choose polyester gloves with a leather look. These gloves, which absorb sweat thanks to their towel inner surfaces, have perforated surfaces for ventilation.

The palms of products that improve your experience by increasing the grip of your hands while doing sports often contain silicone. These silicone patterns that fit completely into the palm of your hand ensure that your hands remain stable without slipping on other surfaces.

Usage Areas of Fitness Gloves

You need your hands not to slip when lifting weights. Meanwhile, a pair of silicone-surfaced gloves provides you this comfort. In addition, you can easily use all kinds of salon tools with your high-grip accessory.

These practical aids allow you to do crossfit training without interruption, positively affecting your performance. It is also useful in strength training, such as TRX exercises.

You can use this product to prevent your hands from slipping during spinning, barre sessions and while doing pilates on the mat. The product is also an aid to prevent your hands from slipping on the surface of the mat during your yoga sessions .

Fitness gloves are a good solution to keep the racket stable while playing tennis and to prevent your hands from slipping in water sports. You can wear gloves while windsurfing or kite, sailing, in short, in all sports where your hands are actively involved in the movement. Fitness gloves are made to increase comfort and improve the workout experience.

Product Care

All performance products are washed in the washing machine or by hand in cold water. This is because hot water shortens the life of products. In addition, it is not recommended to use fabric softener and bleach for cleaning these products. Follow the care instructions included with the model you purchased. To use your product for a long time, pay attention to its routine cleaning. Drying and storage methods are also important. You can use the product you care for for a long time without losing its properties.

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