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The Spanish Touch to Yoga: Equilibrium

Equilibrium, a producer of sustainable, environmentally friendly and human health yoga materials, is a brand that was born in Spain in 2015. All of the brand products are designed and produced in Spain.

While the interest of the modern world people in yoga is growing, the need for yoga products is increasing in parallel. There are many products used while practicing yoga. The Equilibrium brand includes these products in its wide collection. In the design process of the products, personal needs are analyzed in detail and product characters are determined accordingly. The brand's collection includes products that are compatible with the human body, providing ease of movement and comfort. The Spanish brand is not just a manufacturer of yoga equipment, it is a company with an environmentalist character.

What's Included in Equilibrium's Product Range?

Fitness enthusiasts, those who are interested in yoga and pilates, those who do tai chi… Equilibrium has a product that appeals to everyone interested in these branches. You can find many products that you can use both for outdoor and indoor exercises in the wide product range of the brand. Each of the products is designed to make your practice more comfortable.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are essential for both yoga and pilates practices and floor exercises. Equilibrium has many yoga mats to meet different needs. A mat is available for environmental yogis, traveling yogis, yogis who sweat heavily, and more.

Mats have cushioning that protects the joints. Thanks to its superior gripping abilities, you can do your movements and pose transitions on the mat without losing your balance. Their structure, which removes the liquid from the surface when sweating, prevents the formation of bacteria and bad odor. In addition to all these technical features, there are no chemicals harmful to human health in the production of yoga mats.

Yoga Blocks and Yoga Belts

The brand's collection also includes yoga blocks and yoga belts that you can use for stretching and back bending. These useful accessories are helpful to help you move more easily in your new poses. At more advanced levels, they will support you so that you can do the movements perfectly. You can take both accessories with you wherever you want.

Flasks and Tote Bags

Flasks and cloth bags produced in an environmentally friendly way are other products you can see in the collection.

Brand Sustainability Steps

Equilibrium is a brand that takes effective sustainable steps. It acts in a way that causes minimum harm to the environment during the production process. All of its products are compatible with human health and do not contain toxic chemicals. It has a vegan production method. The packaging of the products is also environmentally friendly with its recyclable qualities.

Zero Waste

“Zero Waste” is an environmentally friendly waste management movement that aims to prevent waste and use resources more efficiently. Many global brands seriously apply the principles of this environmentalist trend, which is followed all over the world.

By following the "Zero Waste" movement, Equilibrium reuses the leftover materials from the previous production in the production process and prevents further waste to be sent to nature. The brand's slogan "Equilibrium respects the planet" is a stylish epitome of its environmental identity.

Equilibrium's Collaborations and Certifications

Equilibrium demonstrates its respect for the planet by reflecting it in the production process. Documents proving this officially are the certificates of the brand and environmental cooperation agreements.

Safe Products with Oeko-Tex Certification

Oeko-Tex, the International Research and Testing Association in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology, headquartered in Switzerland, tests the products and reports that they do not contain substances harmful to human health. Products with the Oeko-Tex label are safe products.

GRS-Global Recycle Standard

It is an internationally valid and voluntary certificate. The brand determines how much recycled product is used in its production. It is important within the scope of social responsibility.


There is a collaboration with the Bloom brand, which takes remarkable steps for a sustainable future. Bloom strives to contribute to the ecological balance by including algae-based materials in the production process. The brand aims to stop the increase in air and water pollution by working with natural materials such as algae.

Peta Approved Vegan

This logo is proof that no animal raw materials are used in the production process of the brand.

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