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Eco Series Yoga Mat

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Eco Series Yoga Mat

When doing yoga , you need a mat with good cushioning, a high grip and a non-slip mat. On an ideal yoga mat, you keep your balance as you alternate between poses, making your yoga experience more enjoyable. Manduka is a brand that develops products for yoga enthusiasts to enjoy their practice at the highest level. World famous PRO mats are the number one choice of yogis.

The products in the brand's eKO series are produced from rubber harvested from rubber trees. The models of the environmentally friendly series, which do not use any harmful chemicals during production, are completely biodegradable. They do not contain 99% latex. Thanks to its special surface texture, this series has the ability to hold perfectly.

Features of eKO Mats

There are models in different thicknesses in the eKO series. There is also a round yoga mat added to the series.

ECO Lite

The eKO Lite is 4mm thick and has good cushioning. The model, measuring 180 cm x 61 cm, weighs 2.1 kg. Since it is comfortable to carry, you can take the yoga mat with you for your experiences in different studios without thinking. You can fold your mat and carry it anywhere with a yoga mat strap or mat bag.

The sustainable eco group produced from natural rubber has a closed cell structure. It supports you with its cushioning feature that prevents pressure on the joints during practice. It is easy to clean.

eKO Superlite Travel

eKO Superlite Travel is the model of the series produced for yogis who love to travel. It has a weight of only 1 kg. The length and width of the product are exactly the same as the eKO Lite model, with a thickness of 1.5 mm. You can easily take this model with you when you travel. The eKO Superite is tapered for ease of carrying, but the cushioning comfort is satisfactory. The surface texture provides excellent grip. Thanks to its tightly woven material, it is extra resistant to tears and abrasions.

ECO Round

This product, which is a new addition to the eKO series, is designed to offer freedom of movement in all directions with its rounded structure. Micro fiber material is preferred on the upper surface of the rubber-based mat to keep it stable. This material absorbs sweat and improves grip. You keep your balance in the movements you make on the mat and you do not slip. With a diameter of 150 cm, this yoga mat offers you a 360-degree experience. You can use the eKO Round for all floor exercises, not just yoga. It is extremely practical to clean. You can wipe it with a wet cloth after each use or hand wash it as recommended. This product can also enter the machine.

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