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Crop Leggings

Tights are among the indispensable clothing items of women. This comfortable outfit, which is preferred in every moment of life, has always maintained its popularity since the first day it was produced. It is used to increase performance and support the athlete during sports. It provides great comfort in training as it stretches in parallel with the movements of the body. Those produced from technological fabrics have the ability to remove sweat. Some products offer a compression feature that accelerates circulation. They pass the squat test and can be worn without worry, as they are mostly made of tight-knit fabrics that do not show through. While choosing from unlimited options in different colors and patterns, the size of the products is also an important selection criterion. Tights models are available in long, short, capri and crop sizes.

What Are Crop Tights and What Does 7/8 Length Mean?

Women can find the model suitable for their height among the different length tights options. So what is a crop? It is the length of leggings that ends just above the ankle and does not expose the calves. The difference from capri heights is that it covers the calf muscles. The value expressed as 7/8 is the stitch length. In other words, it indicates that the length of the seams is 1/8 shorter than that of long tights. Crop tights models are designed in such a way that they do not cover the wrists. It is one of the most preferred sizes both in sports and in daily life. Leggings lengths of each sports brand may be different from each other. Although this length, which ends below the ankle, is 7/8 of the long ones, the stance of the tights will be different in short women.

How to Combine Crop Tights While Working Out?

In sports exercises, unlimited combinations can be made with stylish sports bras or cropped t-shirts. Sneakers and socks for a taller look cropped tights with the same tones. In this way, the color integrity will continue and your leg length will appear longer because it is not cut.

Is Crop Tights Used in Daily Life?

As well as in sports, in daily combinations. cropped 7/8 tights You can get a modern and sporty look by pairing the models with sweatshirts or t-shirt models. A trendy long jacket that you will wear over an elegant bustier of contrasting tones with your leggings will take you one step ahead with your style. If the sneakers you choose to wear under your clothes are in the tones of the clothes you are wearing, you will get a very classy look. A beautiful freebag or a colorful backpack completes your style. All that remains is to travel around the city comfortably during the day in style!

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