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Cycling Tights

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Cycling Tights

Cycling is one of the sports that people of all ages and walks of life can do around the world. Therefore it is quite common. In addition, the number of people who prefer to travel by bicycle rather than wasting time in traffic is increasing day by day. In every city with suitable and safe driving routes, the number of this nature-friendly vehicle is also high. One of the striking details in clothing is the cycling tights worn. If we talk about bike races, neon colors and plain straight tights come to mind; but now in a very feminine style cycling tights options are also available. World-famous sportswear brands include bike short designs in different colors and prints in their collections.

What Makes Cycling Tights Different

Cycling tights models produced in a breathable structure have extremely thin technical fabrics. They envelop the skin in a way that feels like a second skin. The main purpose is to reduce wind resistance. They also protect the skin against injuries that may occur due to friction of the legs while driving. Most importantly, they are designed not to get caught in chains. It is aimed to be very light so that it does not give extra weight to the athlete. Cycling tights technologies have great advantages over other sportswear. Its sweat-absorbing properties are available in almost all performance fabrics. Some products help improve blood circulation by providing compression support. Biker tights can be used easily in all other sports activities. Especially in summer, they are preferred by women instead of long tights that completely cover the legs.

What Should Be the Ideal Length?

Designed to provide maximum comfort while pedaling, these functional tights models are available in different lengths. The inside leg seam length of the product, which is classified as short, medium and long, can vary between 8 cm and 27 cm. The crotch leg length, which differs from brand to brand, is 20cm on average.

Cycling Effect in Fashion Trends

While sportswear was not yet a rising trend, performance products were also produced in limited colors and models. In recent years, especially women doing more sports and wanting to look good while doing sports has colored the designs of the sector. Now not only in different colors but also in a wide variety of prints. women's cycling tights possible to find! From batik patterns to animal prints, from bright models to plain colors, there is an option that appeals to almost every taste. Some products have pocket details hidden inside the wide waistbands. You can choose the one that suits your style among Stilefit's colorful alternatives.

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